Beliefs that Guide Us

These beliefs come from our people and capture how we, as VIAVI employees, work together to develop each other and our cutting-edge solutions. Explore our Business Values.

Freedom to Solve

We are a team of industry thought leaders who have the freedom and support to innovate and look for new effective and efficient solutions for our customers.

Pushing the Bounds of Technology

We have a rich history as trusted advisors, we are empowered to create new solutions that address the future next challenges in optical solutions and communications networks. From light management for optical solutions, testing, and measurement for optimizing networks.

Cutting Edge Opportunities

Our commitment to being a technology leader and broad portfolio creates an expansive and evolving career path that ensures you are always learning and using at the forefront of the latest technology.

Partners in Innovation

As a team we foster partnerships with our customers clients that allow us to collaboratively develop cutting edge solutions that help optimize their ever-changing worlds.

Together with VIAVI

We work alongside talented and driven individuals around the world who challenge and encourage us to develop and grow. Our multicultural diverse teams strengthen us as we humbly work together to push the bounds of what is possible.

"At VIAVI you get the opportunity to reach your full potential and always drive your personal development forward. You are in a great, multi-national environment where you learn a lot about yourself and others."

Wolfgang Widl
Solutions Engineer, Germany

Our ESG Initiative

Environment, Social, and Governance

At VIAVI, we believe our Environment, Social, and Governance initiatives accelerate our ability to operate sustainably and generate long-term value.

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What you can expect as a candidate

To be treated in a fair and respectful manner.

Open and accurate communication about the position and hiring process.

Timely information and feedback.

What you can expect as an employee


VIAVI Invests in Your Wellness*

Our comprehensive health and benefits program lets you focus on managing your career and doing the work you love, while providing for the wellness and financial security of you and your family.

▪ Medical coverage
▪ Dental and Vision coverage
▪ Employee assistance program
▪ Life insurance
▪ Accidental death insurance
▪ Disability benefits
▪ Out-of-country emergency medical coverage
▪ Annual employee health exams
▪ Wellness initiatives
▪ Retirement benefits
▪ Employee stock purchase plan

VIAVI Invests in Your Future*

We help our employees plan for their future through:

Other VIAVI Perks*

VIAVI provides a range of additional benefits to employees – from competitive vacation and leave policies, to educational assistance and community volunteer opportunities, among many other perks:

*Programs vary by office location

▪ Vacation /Annual leave
▪ Time off programs
▪ Holidays
▪ Leave programs
▪ Employee referral program
▪ Professional development opportunities
▪ Tuition assistance
▪ Emergency travel assistance (for employees traveling abroad on business)
▪ Identity theft assistance (for employees traveling abroad on business)
▪ On-site cafeterias
▪ Environment, health and safety programs
▪ Social or employee engagement activities
▪ Community giving and volunteer opportunities
"VIAVI is a fast pace dynamic workplace that has a commitment to their employees, community, and customers. I have just celebrated my ten years with the company, and am grateful for the support of my colleagues with 30, 40, and even 50 years of service. Working with the many brilliant engineers & scientists, reminds me of the Newton quote "if I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

Bryan Clifton
Staff Process Engineer, United States

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