CapacityAdvisor 8200 for EV-DO (Discontinued)

The industry's most advanced and scalable wireless subscriber simulation and test systems for EV-DO technologies.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

Please consider this product instead:

Capacity Test provides advanced load generation for EV-DO networks, giving customers an unmatched ability to test equipment and services under realistic traffic scenarios in their labs.


  • Accelerated network life-cycle testing – characterize network recovery response to overload events, analyze the impact of mixed UE categories and traffic with a defined load on network performance
  • Faster time to Revenue - enables more scenarios to be tested in a fraction of the time
  • Repeatable & deterministic test behavior - with phone cabinets, customers run the same test 10 times, and get 10 different results: the Capacity Test solution testing behavior is repeatable and deterministic, reducing time to market
  • Defects found earlier - in the development cycle, reducing time to revenue
  • Higher quality products - released to market in less time
  • High terminal density in reduced footprint – the Capacity Test solution takes up a fraction of the footprint used by competitive solutions


  • Functional Feature Tests - to verify RF performance of EV-DO networks
  • System Performance Tests - with mixed data applications measuring max data throughput, packet latency, jitter, etc. under dynamic RF environments
  • Call Model Tests - to verify system performance under real-world traffic scenarios
  • Stress Testing under Traffic Load - measuring impact on RF resources as well as integrity of signaling under load
  • Data Application Performance Tests - measuring Quality of Service and its impact on voice and data throughput for mixed data traffic
  • Mobile perspective - logging and performance analysis

Key Features

  • Support for 1xEV-DOr0, 1xEV-DOrA
  • Highly scalable, configurable and upgradeable system ensures simple capacity expansion
  • Based on software-defined Radio technology
  • Tests are repeatable, deterministic and behave predictably
  • Spend time testing instead of configuring equipment & building internal tools
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for system configuration and test design and management
  • Top-to-bottom traffic analysis of QoS sensitive applications such as Push-To-Talk and VoIP
  • Support of eHRPD
  • Load networks with up to 1000 software-defined test terminals per rack, with support up to 48 sectors in a full system, or up to a total of 80 sector-carriers with support for 11 carriers per sector, to increase test coverage, test base stations and other network equipment to full capacity
  • Forward link up to 3.1 Mbps / reverse link up to 1.8 Mbps

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