SmartClass OLP-55/-57 Optical Power Meters (Discontinued)

Supports installation, maintenance and testing of single-mode and multimode networks and cables.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

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A complete line of SMART optical power meters for the industry's newest applications including FTTx/PON, 40 Gbps, and Gigabit Ethernet

The OLP-55 and OLP-57 SMART Optical Power Meters are designed for installing, testing, and maintaining singlemode and multimode networks and cables. The SMART Optical Power Meters define a new industry standard with a unique built-in auto-zeroing function for auto dark current compensation. This function significantly increases accuracy.

The OLP-55 and OLP-57 SMART Optical Power Meters can be part of a SMART Optical Test Kit. The SMART Optical Test Kits contain all of the tools, including instruments and accessories, necessary to perform professional-grade power or loss tests in the field.


  • Up to 900 calibrated wavelengths for the highest performance range in the industry.
  • A large storage capability for up to 1000 test results with automatic date/time stamp.
  • Industry's first auto-zeroing function for outstanding accuracy with no manual zeroing required. The OLP-55 and OLP-57 offer the highest accuracy on the market.
  • Illuminated graphical user interface (GUI) displays all of the parameters and up to three test results simultaneously.
  • A USB port for remote operation as well as easy report generation and analysis.
  • Auto-lambda function provides automatic wavelength detection to speed up testing and avoid instrument setting failures.
  • Universal optical adapter system, including UPP adapters, ensures adaptation to all of the connectors in the field.


  • Testing of the industry’s newest applications including broadband, PON, 40 Gbps, and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Set user specific wavelengths.
  • The OLP-55 SMART Optical Power Meter is a high-performance power meter for installing and maintaining singlemode cables and networks.
  • The OLP-57 SMART Optical Power Meter is a high performance wavelength-selective power meter dedicated for testing, installing and maintaining FTTX and BPON/EPON/GPON systems. Its through-mode allows simultaneous measurement at 1490nm and 1550nm downstream and 1310nm upstream.

Key Features

  • The SMARTStar graphical user interface for fast, easy, and straightforward operation.
  • The SMARTEnergy power supply management system.
  • Traceable measurements to NIST/PTB standards for confidence in accuracy.
  • A robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof design for field operation.
  • One-handed operation in the field.
  • Quick start operation, requiring no warm-up time and reducing testing time

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