Railway & MCx Assurance - Mission Critical Assurance

Mission Critical Assurance

Service Assurance for Critical Communication Networks

VIAVI Solutions, formerly Expandium & Comtest Wireless, provide tools for railway and other mission critical operators who depend on private networks to run their communications. Railway Telecoms, Signalling & Interlocking Systems Assurance, Emergency Services, Power Plants, Transportation and Offshore Platforms.

Railway & Mission Critical Assurance

Modern rail, signalling, telecom and interlocking systems are complex technical environments. That’s why it’s essential to test, measure & monitor these networks, to ensure they are fully optimized at all stages of the life cycle.

VIAVI offers solutions to ensure compliance with the various standards required, from network rollout to daily operations. Our products answer the needs of network engineers, field technicians, managers, analysts and network operations centers.

The VIAVI EVOIA Solutions portfolio is founded on solutions from formerly acquired companies, Expandium and Comtest Wireless. 

These solutions enable operators, such as telecoms and signalling engineers, to effectively and efficiently deploy, test measure, analyze and monitor rail telecoms, signalling and interlocking networks. This includes monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization, and covers all railway telecommunication and signalling networks and domains, such as FRMCS, GSM-R, GPRS and ETCS.

For example, network engineers, field technicians, managers, analysts and network operations centers, use our solutions during a network rollout to ensure compliance with various key industry standards, and also for ongoing service assurance during daily operations. 

That’s why our EVOIA portfolio is the de-facto, most-used railway telecommunication and signalling test, measurement and monitoring solutions in the rail industry. It is also why VIAVI already supports railway operators in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Oceania.

VIAVI aims to answer the needs of anyone responsible for railway telecoms network signalling systems and other mission critical operators.

Mission Critical Assurance

Ports - Railway - Power Plants - Private Networks - Mines - Transportation


QATS Railway

EVOIA Assure

The leading performance monitoring and troubleshooting solution for railway telecommunication networks
NetProbe Drive Test

EVOIA Drive Test

Tried and proven technology for rail telecoms troubleshooting and network quality assessment
QATS Cybersecurity


Prevent and manage OT cyber-attacks on railway telecommunication and signalling domains: FRMCS, GSM-R, GPRS and ETCS.

Mission Critical Services rely on Mission Critical communications networks

The new generation of Mission Critical Services (MCS) networks offers flexibility and local broadband access, which allows many sectors to improve their efficiency, reactivity and service quality, thanks to new applications and usages. 

Emergency services, power plants, offshore platforms, factories, hospitals, mines, transportation (railways, airports, and harbors) are just some of the sectors that benefit from these new local private broadband networks.

As these services become more attractive and popular, people are more reliant on them, which means that any disruption to service can have a critical impact, not just on the business, but also on human life. That’s why Mission Critical Services availability must be monitored and tracked constantly, to allow Mission Critical Operators to investigate and quickly fix issues.

Formerly provided by legacy Private Mobile Radio network technologies (TETRA, GSM-R...), Mission Critical features such as push-to-talk, group calls, video and audio broadcasting, functional numbering (aliases) are now supported by standards over LTE and 5G networks. However, the technical complexity and multiplayer environment (e.g., core network provider, critical service provider, and sometimes radio optimization) require an independent solution to monitor and investigate the network service and performance, and ensure interoperability between components.

By providing end-to-end visibility on the quality of service and network performance, and by offering an open and fully customizable solution to fit the customers’ needs, VIAVI Solutions supports Critical Network Operators during all the network stages: deployment, qualification, acceptance and operation. Our solution also enables smooth migration from legacy to newer technologies. 

By recording data over several years, our solutions can be used during legal investigations and prove that every critical network communication element behaved properly, and that communication was established between participants during a critical event.

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