Electronic Warfare

Dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Solutions to assure dominance of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) across all aspects of Electronic Warfare.

Rapid advancements demand continuous adaptation to keep up with emerging threats.  Global proliferation of advanced EW capabilities heightens defensive requirements. Integrating electronic warfare with other domains such as cyber and information operations pose coordination challenges.  The ethical and legal considerations surrounding the use of EW technologies, particularly in relation to civilian infrastructure and collateral, presents complex dilemmas that military commands must navigate.

Why VIAVI for EMS solutions?

VIAVI has a long-standing history of supporting military organizations. Our teams work closely with our customers to ensure our products provide the solutions necessary for successful operations and to provide the training necessary to ensure personnel know how to use our equipment effectively and efficiently.

Solutions for Developing EMS Superiority

VIAVI products provide a comprehensive ecosystem of capabilities needed for ES, EP, and EA operations in a single-vendor offering of interoperable products. This combination of products gives users an unparalleled ability to understand, control, exploit, and dominate the Electromagnetic Spectrum from anywhere in and around there are of operation. 

VIAVI products can monitor, record, synthesize, and analyze individual signals and complex EMS environments. These products can also be used to create and automate complex and dynamic electromagnetic environments for EA effects, obfuscation, and training purposes. By providing all these capabilities in one family of products, VIAVI provides complete control of the EMS to support all aspects of the mission set. Deploying these highly complementary systems together provides a force multiplier to own the EMS and maximize mission effectiveness.


VIAVI’s product portfolio offers comprehensive solutions that are ideal for the following EW applications:

Encryption and advanced modulation require sophisticated decryption tools, and real-time monitoring and adaptation are crucial for dealing with emerging threats. Spectrum crowding, signal hiding techniques, spectrum fragmentation, and signal processing complexity add further obstacles. Commanders need equipment designed to address the obstacles they face; solutions that provide complete situational awareness of the EMS environment to ensure mission success. Solutions are needed to exploit opportunities and vulnerabilities of the EMS.

The VIAVI Ranger EMS Suite is the most powerful and effective Electronic Warfare, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Spectrum Operations platform available on the market. Record, analyze and catalogue signals to create a library of RF Signals of Interest (SOIs). Generate friendly force RF signatures to conceal location and capability of maneuver elements to confuse adversaries. Use the Suite’s Electronic Attack (EA) capabilities to interfere with RF systems to deny adversary use of communication systems. Use real-world SOIs and EA capabilities to train Electronic Warfare (EW) soldiers to improve operator efficiency and responsiveness.

The VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 (ONA-800) is a high-performance, modular, network-enabled system that combines spectrum analysis with various test tools needed to ensure proper operation of wired and wireless networks. The ONA-800 base unit includes a high-performance spectrum analyzer with configurations available for coverage from 9 kHz to 44 GHz, and enhanced performance which provides a complete and accurate view of spectral emissions, helping commanders to execute proper EMCON procedures to evade detection and ensure survivability.

Comprehensive, powerful tools that can create complex and dynamic EMS environments are necessary to effectively simulate the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). Successful EMS simulation requires solutions that can record and analyze live signals, as well as synthetically create signals based on parametric characteristics. These solutions must also be able to process and store signals to create a library of high-resolution IQ waveform files needed to replicate both friendly and threat signals that can be replicated in the training environment.

The VIAVI Ranger EMS Suite is a unique, comprehensive system that creates complex and dynamic electromagnetic environments for obfuscation and training purposes. In addition to its ability to generate signals to emulate the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), the Ranger EMS Suite also monitors, records, synthesizes, and analyzes EMS signals. 

The Ranger EMS Suite consists of the Ranger, the T/Rx Software Defined Transceiver (SDT) System, Signal WorkShopTM (SWS) application, and EMS Sequencer software products. Ranger, Signal WorkShop™, and their predecessors have been sold and used on development, certification, and training ranges since 1995. These products have been field tested and proven effective in creating, recording, and accurately replicating signals and signal environments for decades. They have been used in the development, design validation, certification, and training of many fielded radio and EW platforms.

Whether training operators to identify and analyze signals for interference mitigation, or training operators on creating obfuscation scenarios, you need the equipment capable of recording, analyzing, and simulating complex signal environments.

The VIAVI Ranger EMS Suite is a comprehensive, field deployable system that can be used to create scenarios for all aspects of Electronic Warfare operator training. The system can be used to train an operator on the ground to help find and neutralize signals or used for obfuscation training exercises.

As cybercrimes become more and more prevalent and difficult to identify and mitigate, validating next generation firewall products, both prior to deployment and throughout the lifecycle of its use, becomes more and more critical to network security.

The VIAVI TeraVM is an incredibly versatile system for testing firewalls. It uses two methods of test: traffic generation and injected traffic. Traffic generation pushes a network to its limit with vast amounts of real-world traffic to see if it can withstand the intensity without falling over. Injected traffic scenarios inject real-world threats into network traffic from industry databases, such as malware, viruses, etc, to see if these are effectively blocked and put in a bin. This is in a lab-based environment, where a mirror of your system should be set up.

The VIAVI system currently draws on a national threat database of over 40,000 threats and malware which is updated bi-weekly. When you use the TeraVM system to perform data network firewall testing you can create your own signals and ‘spoof’ other forces or be used to attempt decryption by pulling bits out of the RF encoded signals.

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