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VIAVI works with customers who are transforming their companies and their industries. We help them navigate evolving technology environments and thrive in dynamic markets.  We turn complexity into harmony.  This takes a company in which rapid innovation is more important than bureaucracy.  And people who are empowered to act fast--always optimistic that we’ll find a way. It helps that we know our customers well enough to solve what really counts.  We build off of each other’s brilliance, embracing the power of both group-think and individual insight. When we reach the top of the mountain, we take pride in our achievements--big and small--and in the balanced, people-centered way we get there.

New Beginning, Rich History

VIAVI is a new company with a rich legacy in Silicon Valley and around the globe. Officially launched on August 1, 2015, our company was created from the people, expertise and technology of our successful test and measurement and network and service enablement offerings.  

Now--as VIAVI Solutions--we’re writing the next chapter in network testing, performance management and service assurance, providing a robust portfolio of innovative instruments, systems, software, and services that support our global customers across the network  lifecycle. With a market opportunity of approximately $7B in this category and an established customer base of 4000+ companies, VIAVI is positioned for growth and opportunity!

VIAVI works with wireline and wireless services providers, enterprise IT and data center operators, cloud service operators, and manufacturers of network and communications equipment.   Our solutions help to ensure that the networks and applications that run their businesses and deliver their services are deployed effectively, perform optimally, and deliver the highest quality end-user experience at all times--regardless of complexity.

Additional offerings come from our well-established Optical Security & Performance Products (OSP) unit, which produces thin film optical coatings that are used for manufacturing high-precision optical products in the anti-counterfeiting, government, consumer electronics, health care, automotive and industrial markets.This unit addresses an approximate $1.1B market, growing at an expected 6-8 percent.

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