Gigabit Cable

Major changes are coming to the HFC plant and the signals carried over it, and service providers globally will be challenged to implement these changes and maintain their plants during this time of turmoil.

The VIAVI holistic approach to cable provider network performance analysis provides the visibility and insight you need to smoothly transition to the networks of tomorrow. Whether it’s rolling out DOCSIS 3.1, fiber-deep, DAA (distributed access architectures like Remote PHY), or frequency extensions, VIAVI is the only source for vendor and architecture-neutral solutions which can enable consistent and repeatable test practices as these plant changes are rolled out.

VIAVI’s OneExpert CATV ONX-630 field analyzer and new sweep control unit, the SCU-1800, tests complete network frequency transmission performance.

XPERTrak is the neutral solution to allow consistent service level measurement and superior find and fix capabilities across your entire footprint today and into the future.

Ce poster détaillé vous fournit de précieux conseils sur l’optimisation des performances de DOCSIS 3.1, tels que l’OFDM, les profils, le test, la mise en service et l’optimisation de service.

StrataSync est une solution hébergée en cloud permettant de gérer les actifs, les configurations et les données de test pour les instruments VIAVI.

L’approche holistique de la maintenance et de l’analyse des performances des réseaux hybrides fibre/coaxial (HFC) adoptée par VIAVI vous fournit la visibilité et les informations dont vous avez besoin pour passer aux réseaux de demain en toute fluidité.