JDSU to Showcase Latest Fiber Optic and 100G Technology at ECOC 2013

Milpitas, Calif., September 18, 2013 – JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU and TSX: JDU) will feature its latest fiber optic and 100G network and service enablement technology at the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications(ECOC) in London September 22-26. At booth #406, JDSU will demo solutions highlighting innovation for next-generation networks.

JDSU will spotlight its newest test technology for network and service enablement, including:

  • ONT CFP2 for 100G deployment challenges – On display will be the latest JDSU ONT CFP2 test solution to help address all second-generation 100G challenges. The CFP2, based on 25/28 G input/output (I/O) technology, is critical for cost effective 100G interfaces to drive mass deployment. The solution can be used for CFP4 development and is based on 25/28 G I/O.
  • ONT Dual-Port CFP2 solution – JDSU is introducing the industry’s highest density, full featured 100G Ethernet and OTN solution offering up to 1.2Tb/s in one instrument. 
  • ONT CFP2 demonstration with Aliathon – Aliathon, a leading and established provider of OTN and SONET/SDH FPGA based solutions, will be conducting joint demos with JDSU to show the interoperability between Aliathon’s 100G OTN (OTL4.4) technology and JDSU’s ONT-100G CFP2 module using a Virtex 7 HT based FPGA development card.  
  • 40/100G T-BERD®/MTS-8000 – JDSU now offers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for efficient 100G installation workflow. The JDSU 40G/100G Module for T-BERD®/MTS-8000  is an ideal test solution for field turn-up and troubleshooting of 40/100G Ethernet networks.
  • High Resolution OSA for next-generation 400G Flexible Grid Networks - JDSU is introducing a field portable, high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) that enables spectral analysis at sub-GHz resolution bandwidth for 200G and 400G Nyquist WDM signals in flexible grid networks.
  • MAP Optical Switch Series are Key Enablers of Manufacturing Test Automation - JDSU is also introducing a new series of optical switches which improve efficiencies of optical lab and manufacturing test systems. Fully replacing the industry renowned SB and SC switches, JDSU continues to address the existing and evolving test switching demands of new 100G to 400G devices.

Optical communications solutions from JDSU being demonstrated include:

  • CFP2 LR-4 and T-SFP+ Update – To address growing demand for bandwidth, JDSU will preview the first of its full suite of truly pluggable 100G modules. The CFP2 LR4 promises better performance than older CFP designs, using 60% less power and only 1/3 the space of previous designs. In addition, JDSU follows the introduction of the world’s first Tunable SFP+ in 2012 by now sampling a fully MSA compliant version with 1.5W power dissipation for the most demanding, high density applications in metropolitan networks and data center interconnects.   
  • Integrated 100G+ devices – JDSU continues to enhance its multiple optical device platforms to enable highly integrated, high performance components for 100G line and client applications.  These technologies underpin the narrow line width laser, modulator, and receiver components that enable 100G coherent communication. TOSAs and ROSAs based on hybrid integration of our PLC and InP technologies enable the CFP2 LR4 transceiver and will enable future smaller form factors for client applications. 
  • Trueflex™ portfolio adoption and Twin 1x20 ramp – JDSU’s TrueFlex product portfolio continues to ramp in production and grow in breadth. JDSU’s TrueFlex Twin 1x20 and OCM products are well into their production ramp, and JDSU continues to secure new design wins with both products. In addition, JDSU is extending the product portfolio to include TrueFlex Micro 1x9 and Micro 1x9 Twin products for release the first half of next year.
  • Twin MxN WSS for CD – Shipping now, this solution ushers in software defined aspects to ROADMs. The single piece of hardware now runs two applications to save costs in a network node using the same hardware as Twin WSS.
  • Raman and JDSU’s leadership position – Leveraging full vertical integration and more than two decades of expertise in amplification, JDSU leads the ascendant Raman market with a suite of thermally-efficient solutions, ranging from robust gain control delivered modules using proprietary algorithms to full turnkey hybrid EDFA/Raman line cards.

JDSU will be presenting two topics at the ECOC Market Focus theatre during the event:

  • “A Single Effective ROADM Architecture for CD and CDC Applications,” Tues., Sept. 24, 14:25.
    Brandon Collings, CTO for Optical Communications, will introduce a new Twin MxN WSS component for colorless and directionless (CD) functionality and detail how this device enables a converged ROADM architecture simultaneously supporting CD and/or CDC within the same node.
  • “Advances in Optical Integration for 100G Interfaces,” Wed., Sept. 25, 12:50
    Ed Murphy, Senior Director, will discuss the use of both monolithic and hybrid integration to enable CFP2, CFP4, and QSFP28 form factors to enable the large scale adoption of 100G interfaces in metro and data center applications.

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