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Achieve Mission Readiness with Accurate and Reliable Military Avionics Testing Solutions



Complete Solutions for Testing Mission Critical Avionics In the Hanger or On the Flight Deck

Aerospace is a particularly exacting environment, where malfunction or running out of fuel have a disastrous consequence. This is magnified in a military scenario, where aircraft typically need to maximise their inflight hours, so testing needs to be reliable, repeatable, and fast.

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VIAVI Solutions Avionics Test products are used around the world by military aviation maintenance groups to manufacture, test, and maintain airborne avionics systems such as TCAS, TACAN, and IFF. VIAVI has the experience and capability to deliver NSN procedure compliant test solutions in accordance with TM (technical manual and) TO (technical order) tooling lists.



UC-584 Series Transponder Antenna Coupler

Antenna couplers solve the problem of unreliable radiated power and transponder minimum trigger levels (MTL) when testing avionics over the air in multi-path ramp and hanger environments. They can also help reduce dangerous “false intruders” when performing a transponder test.

Allows for complete system test without component disconnect

When used with a GPS simulator, the proper coupler can provide a steady GPS signal in a hanger environment when a simulated static or dynamic GPS signal is required.

VIAVI offers a selection of couplers to support a multitude of aviation test requirements:

UC-584 Transponder Coupler, F-15/F16 IFF Coupler, GC-130 GPS Antenna Coupler Kit, TC-201 TCAS/ Transponder Directional Antenna Coupler.

ALT-9000 Radio Altimeter Test Set

Isolating faulty components of installed RADALT systems typically requires swapping parts from the airframe, increasing downtime and cost. From Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) and combined Altitude Radar Altimeter (CARA) to Next-Generation variants, technicians can now perform complete closed-loop system tests that replicate dynamic in-flight conditions up to 10,000 ft.

VIAVI ALT-9000 Radio Altimeter Test Set test the complete radio altimeter system, allowing the operator to isolate a problem with the antenna, coax, LRU, or indicator without unnecessary LRU swaps or other system component replacements.


VIAVI AIMS-certified test solutions provide fast, reliable performance testing for mission readiness. From factory to flight line testing for Transponders, DME/TACAN, and IFF, including Type A, Type B and Small Form Factor (SFF) Crypto Applique Operational Testing, you can ensure air and sea fleet operation efficiency.

PSD90-3 Universal AC/DC Fuel Quantity Test Set

Test and isolate problems on AC and DC capacitive fuel, water, liquid oxygen, and engine oil quantity indicator systems. VIAVI Fuel Quantity test sets and a specific aircraft interface can troubleshoot and isolate fuel system issues, calibrate fuel quantity indicators, and uniquely detect contaminated fuel probes.

ATC-5000NG NextGen Transponder

Designed for engineering research and development, design validation, manufacturing and return-to-service, these RF signal generators and receivers test Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) and transponder LRUs. Equipment tested includes TCAS computers, ADS-B In receivers (including ground station), ADS-R and TIS-B ground station transmitters, and Mode S/ADS-B Out transponders.


Use the VIAVI AVX-10K to perform quick airborne system auto-tests or in-depth troubleshooting in and around the aircraft using a single test set for communication, navigation, and surveillance systems. Built-in auto tests and guided tests provide maintenance technicians the ability to perform consistent and repeatable tests.

OTDR Testing

Test complex fiber harnesses, like those used for radar signal transmission, weapons control, and flight navigation and guidance systems with the Hi-Res OTDR, Optical Switch, and ATE Software. Cramped quarters mean users need a compact, high-resolution multimode OTDR that can be moved around aircraft for a practical price point.

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