Powerfully Simple: JDSU Advances Handheld Optical Testing with the SmartPocket OLP-37

Introducing an all-in-one wavelength selective power meter for testing FTTx and RFoG PON systems

March 24, 2015 — JDSU, the industry’s global fiber optic test leader, has announced the newest member of the SmartPocket family—the OLP-37 FTTX + RFoG and PON power meter. Field service teams worldwide use these essential fiber test tools to secure passive optical network (PON) quality and performance.

The field-proof, compact optical power meter’s simple, easy to use interface boasts impressive capabilities such as:

  • Embedded filter to selectively measure 1490 and 1550 nm wavelengths; RFoG and FTTx downstream signals to get precise information quickly about the active network elements and the passive distribution network quality
  • Return-path testing for 1610 nm RFoG upstream signals to ensure the CPE is working within the specified standards
  • A single optical port with field-interchangeable adapters for a quicker, more convenient workflow

The OLP-37 offers a robust feature set to minimize capital expenses. Like all SmartPocket family members, it includes a three-year calibration interval which reduces operational costs.

Use Case
Broadband and access market dynamics are forcing operators and service providers to reduce turn-up times as much as possible while maintaining a best-in-class user experience. Fierce competition and the need to reduce costs only compound the pressure as their optical networks operate at capacity. Therefore, they use the highest possible splitter ratios and the longest fiber links to pack as many subscribers as technically possible onto one PON segment. The OLP-37 can precisely measure power in seconds to ensure that any FTTx and RFoG PON system is operating within its specified limits, thus avoiding network disruptions.

JDSU offers a full range of fiber inspection and cleaning solutions, portable test instruments, and monitoring systems to meet all of your fiber-optic network needs, from installation and provisioning to maintenance and service assurance.