SART for IMS (J7844A) (Discontinued)

High-performance solution for 2, 2.5, 3 and 4G system verification, troubleshooting, and RAN optimization. Specific benefits for IMS include advanced decodes, powerful call traces and efficient signaling analysis.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

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The VIAVI Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) is a high-performance solution for 2, 2.5, 3 and 4G system verification, troubleshooting, and RAN optimization. Its intelligent call trace-centric approach enables distributed call trace, performance measurements, and drill-down problem isolation for calls on UMTS, GSM, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA RANs, as well as the mobile core, IMS, PSTN and Internet.

Specific benefits for Signaling Analyzer IMS

Advanced decodes:

  • H.248.1 GCP (text-based)
  • Sigtran – ISUP/BICC over M3UA
  • DIAMETER: RFC 3588/4005/4006/4072; 3G TS 29.229/29.329; Diameter Base Protocol incl AVPs for Sh,Dx,Cx interface
  • COPS: RFC 2748,2749
  • GCP (Binary-based): H.248.1 Annex C; H.248.1.Annex E
  • SUA: RFC3868
  • M2PA: RFC 4165
  • M2UA: RFC 3331

Powerful Call Traces:

  •  SIP/SDP with user plane (RTP)
  • Sigtran – ISUP/BICC over M3UA
  • ITU-GCP Signaling (BER). Group GCP Control Messages with the same Context Id
  • SUA. (Call trace support connection oriented services, grouped based on Source IP address and Destination IP address)

Efficient Signaling Analysis:

  • Setup Time as defined by Post Dial Delay, ie, from INVITE to RINGING (Applicable only for PTT or VOIP based setup)
  • CDR: Phone number, IP Address, MAC address, Port #s, Connection Address, etc
  • Detailed Media Analysis including RTP Metrics (Packet Loss (Min/Max/Ave/Count) and Jitter (Last/Max/Ave) as well as directly correlating voice quality scores (MOS) with measured impairments: loss and jitter for each time segment for each call.

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