SART for IMS (J7844A) (Discontinued)

High-performance solution for 2, 2.5, 3 and 4G system verification, troubleshooting, and RAN optimization. Specific benefits for IMS include advanced decodes, powerful call traces and efficient signaling analysis.

The VIAVI Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) is a high-performance solution for 2, 2.5, 3 and 4G system verification, troubleshooting, and RAN optimization. Its intelligent call trace-centric approach enables distributed call trace, performance measurements, and drill-down problem isolation for calls on UMTS, GSM, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA RANs, as well as the mobile core, IMS, PSTN and Internet.

Specific benefits for Signaling Analyzer IMS

Advanced decodes:

  • H.248.1 GCP (text-based)
  • Sigtran – ISUP/BICC over M3UA
  • DIAMETER: RFC 3588/4005/4006/4072; 3G TS 29.229/29.329; Diameter Base Protocol incl AVPs for Sh,Dx,Cx interface
  • COPS: RFC 2748,2749
  • GCP (Binary-based): H.248.1 Annex C; H.248.1.Annex E
  • SUA: RFC3868
  • M2PA: RFC 4165
  • M2UA: RFC 3331

Powerful Call Traces:

  •  SIP/SDP with user plane (RTP)
  • Sigtran – ISUP/BICC over M3UA
  • ITU-GCP Signaling (BER). Group GCP Control Messages with the same Context Id
  • SUA. (Call trace support connection oriented services, grouped based on Source IP address and Destination IP address)

Efficient Signaling Analysis:

  • Setup Time as defined by Post Dial Delay, ie, from INVITE to RINGING (Applicable only for PTT or VOIP based setup)
  • CDR: Phone number, IP Address, MAC address, Port #s, Connection Address, etc
  • Detailed Media Analysis including RTP Metrics (Packet Loss (Min/Max/Ave/Count) and Jitter (Last/Max/Ave) as well as directly correlating voice quality scores (MOS) with measured impairments: loss and jitter for each time segment for each call.

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