Training and Certification

Train up quickly with our thorough coursework and expert instructors. Gain expertise and certifications for technology test areas such as network assurance, APM, DOCSIS, Fiber, 5G, avionics test and others.

Product Training


Technology Training

Key Benefits

Increase user productivity, confidence, and problem-solving capabilities

  • Expert instructors and cumulative structure facilitate learning
  • Maximize the full functionality of your purchase

Enrich expertise across your organization

  • Technology skills and test certifications help you command more pay or obtain new jobs
  • Gain real world experience and technology skills through a day of live labs in your network or test environment as part of an Onsite Classroom experience

Five Flexible Learning Options to Master the Science of Network Test

VIAVI offers technical training on-site at your location or for individuals and small groups at a VIAVI-specified location. VIAVI also offers training delivery via Virtual Classrooms for individuals/teams that cannot travel to attend training. Courses encompass technology and applications for specific technologies or products.


Free Webinars and Self Help via Your Product Support Portal

Learn about network trends and find quick answers  with on-demand quick tips and how-to support content for product customers

Self-Paced Online Training and Certification

Learn to use the functionality and features of VIAVI Solutions' products online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week followed by a certification test upon completion of all modules.

 Self-Paced Online Training and Certification

Virtual Classroom and Certification

Instructor led Coursework: Learn from an expert Instructor from the convenience of your desk. Build your skill sets using VIAVI Solutions products to test various technologies with test and certification upon completion.

On-Site Classroom and Live Lab Workshops with Certifications

On-Site Classroom and Live Lab Workshops with Certifications  

Instructor led Coursework: Build expertise using your VIAVI products in live lab exercises with test and certification upon completion. Utilize optional workshop days for field test on your network with your instructor. 

Mentorship Consulting & System Admin Training 

  1. One-to One System Administrator Training: Includes training on how to administer one of the VIAVI Server based test systems, such as ONMSi, StrataSync, XPERTrak, Fusion, NITRO, etc.  Topics covered include how to add new test heads or instrument data streams, user permissions and software maintenance and security.
  2. Mentorship Consulting with a VIAVI Expert: Includes time with a VIAVI expert to help formulate test procedures, test set-up, how to implement use cases and actual use examples in your system.

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Course part numbers and duration of courses are subject to change per region. Contact us for more information.

We recommend that you take a self-paced course before ordering an onsite course to make the best of your certification process