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Today, few career paths are as fast paced and exciting as digital communication—it is everywhere, and everyone counts on reliable networks. Whether the communication is all for fun, or mission critical, at VIAVI we're at the heart of making communications networks work and you can be too!

VIAVI believes in investing in the future and that begins with providing a variety of opportunities for recent college graduates. If you're looking for an opportunity to make a difference in an essential industry while you're learning from experts in a market that's growing, VIAVI is for you.  At VIAVI you'll have opportunities to push yourself and contribute to the team's success.  You'll grow your professional network and work in an enriching environment that supports you in being the best version of yourself.  Come explore your future with VIAVI in a Sales or R&D Career.

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The VIAVI Graduate Program provided me with a unique opportunity for growth, learning, and global exposure. Through diverse projects in different countries, I built a strong professional portfolio, expanded my skill set, and developed a valuable network. The extensive support system experienced during the program does not only point to VIAVIs' commitment to the program and its continued success, but also reflects what the company stands for which is: United in Possibility!

Essie Avor