Cable and Antenna Analyzer Modules (CAA06M)

CAA06M 6 GHz Modules for CellAdvisor 5G and OneAdvisor 800

VIAVI CAA06M CAA Modules are the industry’s first compact-sized modular cable and antenna analyzers that enable fast, reliable, and effective characterization and verification of cell site installation.

Most problems in mobile networks occur in cellsite infrastructure, consisting of antennas, cables, amplifiers, filters, connectors, combiners, jumpers, etc. VIAVI CAA06M CAA Modules’ optimal functionality, combined with the testing features of the CellAdvisor 5G platform, ensures that cell-site technicians complete comprehensive cell sites installation verification and maintenance in a super professional way.

The CAA Modules make it easy and effective to characterize and verify feed line systems and verify antenna or sector-to-sector isolation.


  • Auto file naming that eliminates manual inputs in file name
  • Trace overlay that detects signal degradation over time
  • Dual display and multiple tabs that allow fast and efficient measurements
  • Intuitive pass/fail analysis that instantly notifies a problem
  • Integrated RF CW source y EZ-Cal™ that calibrates faster and easier
  • CAA Check and Job Manager that enable test process automation and consolidated reports


  • Reflection – Return Loss and VSWR
  • Distance to Fault – Return Loss, VSWR, and Delay
  • 1-Port Cable Loss
  • 1-Port Phase
  • Smith Chart
  • 2-Port Transmission
  • RF Source y CAA Check


Specifications are applicable to CAA06M CAA modules under the following conditions, unless otherwise stated:

  • With warm-up time of 10 minutes.
  • When a measurement is performed after calibrating to OSL standards.
  • When a CAA06M module is within its valid calibration period.
  • Data without tolerance considered to be typical values.
  • A typical value is defined as expected performance under operating temperature of 20 to 30°C for 15 minutes sustainment whereas a nominal value as general, descriptive term or parameters.

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