Compliance Assistant

EAS Management Software

Compliance Assistant software simplifies FCC EAS compliance through automation.

Compliance Assistant

Compliance Assistant EAS management software by VIAVI. Simplifying FCC EAS compliance through automation.

  • Automates maintenance of EAS
  • Automatically generates EAS compliance reports
  • Automatically checks logs for errors and missing events
  • Automatically emails logs and discrepancy reports

The Compliance Assistant™ software simplifies EAS compliance by automating many of the common routines required by the FCC. Designed to maintain, analyze, and distribute EAS logs, discrepancy reports, and analysis reports from EASy series EAS systems; this EAS management tool substantially decreases the time spent maintaining your emergency alert system and reduces the need to manually check the logs. Once configured, Compliance Assistant performs all of these operations automatically on each EASy system. A scheduled daily or weekly report is generated and automatically e-mailed to let the users know the status of all EASy units in the field. This eliminates uncertainty of whether the logs were gathered, analyzed, and distributed, giving the user peace of mind that there are no willful infractions of FCC rules. One person can administer EAS compliance and manage overall system integrity for an entire group.

Powerful Reporting
Compliance Assistance generates reports that make up the bulk of the FCC required administration documents for EAS. It performs complete weekly and monthly analyses of logged events via Ethernet/IP or telephone for each EASy system on the IP network. It creates reports, highlighting regulatory failures (failure to comply with FCC regulations) and regulatory successes, as well as indicators of potential failures and discrepancies in each set of downloaded logs.

Troubleshooting Tips and E-Mail Notification
For ease of compliance this EAS management software also creates a troubleshooting guide if inbound EAS test message failures occur or other possible problems are discovered. Once these reports are created, the software will automatically e-mail the troubleshooting guide or other user-defined information and reports to the appropriate people.

Multi-Site Licensing
Compliance Assistant is available in multiple station/system licenses, from three to 512 stations/systems. An unlimited license is also available.

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