ADS-B INTEGRITY Test Application

Performance testing of ADS-B Out equipment

ADS-B INTEGRITY™ Test Application ADS-B INTEGRITY™ Test Application ADS-B INTEGRITY™ ADS-B Out Integrity Test Application

For installed systems, the application will control our IFR6000/6015 Transponder Test Set and GPSG-1000 Positional Simulator to simulate a flight path, allowing for a complete dynamic AC 20-165B performance verification, and identify any compliance failures prior to flying the aircraft. A detailed ADS-B Out compliance report can be generated showing pass/fail criteria, along with detailed analysis of system latency. For development and factory test, the application controls our IFF-45TS/A and GPSG-1000 for a complete dynamic performance verification.

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  • ADS-B equipment installation verification
  • Complete AC 20-165B fast and convenient reporting to identify installation issues
  • STC support
  • Eliminate post STC operational flights
  • Coupled testing in the hangar or on the flight line, eliminates:
    • Open sky requirements
    • GPS repeater
    • Weather issues
    • Interference with ATC operations
  • Saves time and money


Performance verification of:

  • ADS-B Transponders
  • UAT Transceivers
  • GPS Receivers


Plots of instantaneous and average system latency, velocity at average latency, and instantaneous positional error based on linear track are available

Required Equipment for ADS-B Installation/Verification and Performance Report

  • 72422 IFR6000 Mode A/C/S Transponder/DME Test Set
    • or
  • (72424 IFR6015 Military version including E-TCAS and TACAN)
  • 83411 6000OPT3 ADS-B 1090 Mhz Option
  • 112795 6000OPT5 UAT 978 Mhz Option (if applicable)
  • 140609 * 6000OPT6 ADS-B Integrity Test Option*
  • 12350 UC-584 Coupler Kit, Single Antenna (recommended)
  • 91136 Coupler Kit, Dual Antenna GPS Systems (if required)
  • 91137 Coupler Kit, Triple Antenna GPS Systems (if required)
  • 87339 GPSG-1000 Twelve Satellite GPS Simulator
  • 140607 GPSGOPT3 ADS-B Integrity Test Option * This option includes the ADS-B INTEGRITY™ app

* This option includes ADS-B INTEGRITY™ app and is compatible with both the IFR 6000 and IFR 6015.

PC Minimum Requirements

  • Windows® XP or Windows® 7 32-bit (or later)
  • CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 2GB Monitor: XGA (1024 x 768) or higher
  • Free Disk Space: 1GB

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