ONT Test Solutions for 25GE up to 100GE / OTU4

The CFP and CFP2 Test Modules support testing and verification of new high-speed network elements for 25GE, 40GE, OTU3, 50GE,100GE and OTU4. They enable the development of 100G class products based on CFP and CFP2 technologies. CFP4 and QSFP28 support is available via adapters.

The VIAVI ONT 100G solution’s flexible design enables quicker and more thorough testing using less equipment. Three modules are available: the CFP version for validating CFP-related products and system equipment, the CFP2 version for deep analysis of CFP2-related products and systems, and the cost-effective dual-port CFP2 version for deeper system testing and a special test application for sophisticated test signals. The CFP-based test module is an indispensable tool for product development, system verification, and new service deployment testing. The industry’s first CFP2 test module, with its advanced error analysis application, gives designers unprecedented insight into the root causes for bit errors and greatly reduces CFP2 technology cost, space, and development time. The dual-port CFP2 module produces up to 1.2 T of real-time traffic when fully loaded into the ONT-612 mainframe.


  • Enables the development of 100G products based on CFP and CFP2 technologies
  • Quickly identifies root causes for bit errors
  • Fully evaluates CFP and CFP2 transponder’s true performance, including tolerance to skew variation—the world’s only solution for testing dynamic skew
  • Evaluates multichannel performance up to 32 times faster than traditional single-channel method
  • Saves on CapEx with broadest mapping and multiplexing testing support
  • Improves test efficiency with intuitive GUI design and strong automation support


  • Validate CFP2, CFP and QSFP+ transponder validation and test
  • Validate 40 G/100G Ethernet Layers 1-2-3 
  • Develop and validate OTN (OTU3/OTU4)
  • Test 100 G routers with OTU4 client interfaces
  • Assess signal integrity in both photonic and electronic domain
  • Turning up and deploying services

Key Features

  • Advanced CFP2, CFP, and QSFP+ testing
  • Unique CFP and CFP2 stress test application and CFP2 error analysis application
  • Dynamic skew variation
  • 40 GE, 100 GE, OTU3/3e1/3e2, OTU4, and STL-256.4
  • OTU4 with 100 GE client and OTU3 with 40 GE transcoded into OPU3
  • 100 G wrapper/de-wrapper testing with built-in or external 100 GE traffic
  • ODU0 and ODUflex up to OTU4
  • OTN multistage multiplexing
  • OTN multi-channel testing
  • GFP-T and GFP-F mapping for OTN
  • Electrical connectivity with adaptors for component-level testing


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