Solutions de réseaux câblés sous-marins

Sustain fast deployment and high bandwidth demand

Building, activating, and maintaining submarine cable networks presents unique challenges associated with accessibility, long distances, and constant exposure to the elements.

Flat Sub Cable Network Diagram

Throughout the life cycle of a submarine cable network, it is critical to use the best test and monitoring tools available to maximize transmission capacity and network availability.

Fiber end face inspection remains the essential test tool to ensure connector cleanliness and detect dirt particles or other defects whose impact can be magnified over potentially thousands of km.

OTDR test tools validate the physical integrity and losses of the fiber links, as-well-as accurately mapping out the distances to any faults. The 8100D OTDR, the industries only true 50dB dynamic range OTDR, allows certification and troubleshooting of unprecedented sub-sea distances, while the FiberComplete® automated bi-directional Insertion Loss (IL), Optical Return Loss (ORL) and OTDR solution offers the tool of choice to qualify unrepeated links and first wet segment.

Optical network characterization test tools with Chromatic Dispersion (CD) and Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), as well as Attenuation Profile, provides the base line information to guarantee the physical performance of the fibers in the cables.

Service activation with modern DWDM transmission formats like Polarization-Multiplexed, requires state of the art spectrum analyzers with In-Service an In-Band OSNR testing capability combined with high resolution.

The large variety of transmission speeds and formats carried along submarine cables demand flexible multiservice test solutions for SONET/SDH or Ethernet (up to 100Gb/s) and OTN (OTU3) qualification and validation. Portable or rack-mounted solutions will provide automation and remote testing capabilities.

Monitoring and maintenance are the keys to ensuring the on-going health of both the dry and “non-amplified” wet plants as well as offering a solution to watch the first critical segment of any amplified link.To protect the fiber physical link an effective optical network monitoring system, such as ONMSi or SmartOTU, provides real time information about faults, degradation, and any security related issues.

Pushing and maximizing the capacity of a submarine network also requires considering new parameters such as fluctuations in strain or temperature of the fibers in the links. Fiber optic sensing tools play a critical role in such a qualification.


FiberChek Microscope / Sonde d'inspection

La solution tout-en-un pour l’inspection des fibres optiques.

Modules OTDR (série 8100)

Gamme de modules OTDR (Réflectomètre optique) pour l’installation, la mise en service et la maintenance des réseaux d’entreprise, FTTx, d’accès, métropolitains, très longue et ultra longue distance.

Optical Dispersion Measurement (ODM) Modules (8100 Series)

Integrated fiber characterization and dispersion test solution combining PMD, CD, and AP measurements to characterize high speed networks.

High Performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer Module (OSA-500 Series)

Full range of optical spectrum analyzers for spectral measurements in CWDM, DWDM, and ROADM testing-based systems, providing true OSNR measurements based on the unique VIAVI in-band OSNR method.

Plateforme MTS-5800-100G

Le testeur de réseau portatif MTS-5800-100G est le seul outil dont les techniciens réseau et les ingénieurs ont besoin pour l’installation et la maintenance de leurs réseaux. Il est compatible avec les anciennes et nouvelles technologies afin de gérer les applications réseau, y compris les applications de test des réseaux métropolitains et cœurs, des interconnexions entre les datacenters et des services aux entreprises.


The one tool data center operators need to remotely test transmission quality of the network connecting its data centers, central offices, or head ends.
ONMSi Remote Fiber Test System (RFTS)

Système de surveillance à distance des réseaux optiques ONMSi (RFTS)

Système de test et de surveillance des réseaux optiques ONMSi pour les réseaux centraux, métropolitains, d’accès et FTTH.
SmartAccess Anywhere

Smart Access Anywhere (SAA)

Une solution qui permet de fournir une assistance, d’effectuer des tests ou d’analyser les résultats à distance et en temps réel. SAA permet donc d’aider et d’encadrer les techniciens sur le terrain,  d’améliorer le taux de réussite des tests dès le premier essai, tout en réduisant les visites répétées et en minimisant le temps passé sur site.


NITRO BI Fiber Insight for ONMSi providing customizable data aggregation and analytics dashboards for your fiber network

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