MPLS Analysis Software (J6766A) (Discontinued)

The VIAVI MPLS Analysis Software (J6766A) captures and decodes MPLS signaling and data protocols in real time. Filter on MPLS stack labels, track different class of service priorities, and perform MPLS CoS measurements.

The Network Analyzer captures and decodes MPLS signaling and data protocols in real time and at full line rate. The analyzer can diagnose and decode MPLS accordingly with RFC2547bis among other MPLS standards.

The Network Analyzer can filter single MPLS stack labels or complicated MPLS stacks up to six stacked labels. In real time, the Network Analyzer creates a table of Label Switched Paths (LSPs) present in the network and measures the vital statistics of the VPN. It also creates a graphic for quick visualization. VoIP over MPLS performance is analyzed on the filtered traffic to indicate performance and trouble spots for a specific label-switch path or VPN.

The J6766A MPLS Analysis software keeps track of the different class priorities in an MPLS network specified by the experimental and QoS bits. In addition, the measurement analyzes the MPLS payload and detects the DiffServ priorities of the IP packet transported by an MPLS frame.

  • MPLS CoS analysis
  • DiffServ analysis
  • Routing and MPLS decodes
  • MPLS Protocol filtering
  • LSP statistics
  • VoIP performance on VPNs

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