Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Solution

Fully integrated, stand-alone system with 24/12/6/3 Gbps SAS multi-functions (Analyzer and Jammer)

VIAVI‘s Xgig 1000 24 Gbps Analyzer/Jammer solution allows for simultaneous protocol analysis and error injection for Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) protocol traffic at all layers of the stack. It is the leading and the most powerful monitoring and analysis system available for SAS applications. This solution supports 24/12/6/3 Gbps SAS.

The Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Analyzer is a versatile, state-of-art solution for capturing and analyzing live traffic employing a stand-alone hardware architecture. This chassis supports 24 Gbps SAS with dual mini-SAS HD receptacles, allowing bidirectional analysis of single and wide-port SAS links. Each port can have 32 GB RAM to allow for up to 256 GB of tracing capability. The new front-to-back airflow allows for standing the solution on end, minimizing the overall footprint in desktop testing.


  • Non-Intrusive Monitoring is provided by the analog pass-through mode which provides truly passive, high-impedance, low-latency SAS connections. This allows the analyzer to pass every bit through exactly as it was received and enable users to see the same signal that the device under test sees. While this capability has always been part of Xgig Analyzers, the Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Analyzer has a refined and improved method to address the specific characteristics of this protocol at high speeds.
  • Multi-Function Support enables users to leverage a single chassis to perform multiple functions for significant capital expense savings. Users can capture and analyze traffic using the Anayzer GUI software while also supporting traffic jamming capabilities into live traffic accessible using the Maestro GUI software.
  • Enhanced Analysis Capabilities offers a wide array of analysis capabilities, including:
    • Industry’s most powerful trace capabilities
    • Patented search and filtering functionality
    • Multi-protocol support by cascading with other chassis
    • Memory segmentation to allow multiple trace captures
  • Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Expert, providing automatic analysis of more than 1800 metrics and 1200 analysis functions across protocols.
  • Advanced Automation allows users to design automated tests and troubleshooting procedures using both the GUI and the API options that the Xgig 1000 offers.
  • Synchronization and Sharing provides the ability to cascade up to four Xgig 1000 chassis letting users form synch groups, bringing together up to 32 time-synchronized SAS ports. Alternatively, using the Xgig 1000 port leasing model, the same set of hardware can be configured to allow up to 16 individual simultaneous users to leverage a single test setup.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated, stand-alone system with multi-functions (Analyzer and Jammer)
  • 256 GB of Trace Memory per system
  • Supports Capture of:
    • Link training
    • OOB and speed negotiation
    • SPL packet
    • 128/150b encoding, 24G only
    • 150b view (SPL Packet) and 128b view
    • Correctable & uncorrectable FEC-enabled traffic (Reed Solomon) with counters for correctable & uncorrectable FEC SPL frames
  • Multi-user per port pair base
  • API for test automation


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