8380 RPC (Discontinued)

Return Path Combiner

The 8380 RPC Return Path Combiner is a programmable 16 x 1 non-blocking RF matrix switch designed for use with the 8310 RSA Return Sweep Analyzer in the return path of CATV systems.

The 8380 RPC™ Return Path Combiner is a 16 x 1 non-blocking RF matrix switch designed for use with the VIAVI 8310 RSA™ in the return path of CATV systems.  The 8380 RPC has 16 input ports that can be combined into a single output.

  • 16 x 1 Non-Blocking RF Matrix Switch
  • 16 Ports per Switch
  • 17 Switches Total in Master/Slave Configuration for 256 Ports Max
  • Control from Anywhere Using a Web Browser

There are two versions of the 8380 RPC available, a master and a slave. The master 8380 RPC is used to control each slave using an RS-485 connection. The output from each slave 8380 RPC connects to a corresponding input on the master unit. Slave 8380 RPCs have the ability to be upgraded to a master unit.

A complete 8380 RPC system consists of a master and 16 slaves allowing for 256 inputs to be combined into a single output. The master unit will limit the number of active ports to 10 (the maximum number of simultaneous 8310 RSA users). The output of the master may then be used for a variety of tests.

Web Based Configuration
Whether you are a technician in the headend or the field, the master 8380 RPC can be controlled from anywhere that has an Internet connection. The 8380 RPC includes a built-in web based configuration that is compatible with any web browser including those on mobile devices and the 860 DSPi.

Web based configuration allows the user to activate up to 10 ports at once to sweep right from the field. This versatility allows the technician to connect many ports, but only sweep on the ports they are currently testing, while the other ports remain on stand-by.

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