High-Speed Network Test from Lab to Field

Accelerate High-Speed Network Test from Lab to Field.

VIAVI offers the intuition, precision and performance you demand via innovative, award-winning products that simplify and accelerate high-speed network testing.

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions for lab and production, fiber optic field testing, fiber monitoring and inspection, metro and transport networks, and optical communications.

VIAVI continues to advance state-of-the-art technology for testing next-generation network components to not only enable products to be delivered to market faster, but also to ensure peak performance throughout the network lifecycle. 

The ONT Family of optical network test equipment is an indispensable resource for Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) all along a technology's lifecycle; from product design to system verification, to new service deployment testing.

For example, the new 800G FLEX DCO module is the industry's first fully integrated test product for pluggable digital coherent module development, validation and integration of 400G CFP2-DCO and 400GE QSFP-DD transponders, including 400ZR.

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As the industry leader in fiber testing from lab to field, VIAVI Solutions is committed to delivering the best solutions for optical manufacturing environments. Our latest award winning MAP-300 series reinforces our focus on delivering scalable and efficient test solutions for manufacturing optical network elements, modules and components. We can't wait to see what you will accomplish with the new MAP-300.

Metro network services provide the network backbone for all the key trends and initiatives in the industry, video streaming, Internet of Things, 5G backhaul, and data center interconnect.  Whether in the metro core or the network edge, the pressure is on service providers to deliver scalable, secure network services quickly and flawlessly.  VIAVI has the test portfolio up and down the network stack, from the physical layer to the application layer, to help service providers efficiently activate, maintain, and monitor services.

The evolution of high-speed optical fiber systems raises the level of accuracy, precision and test process automation required on the fiber infrastructure.

Radically accelerate construction, service activation and resolution of fiber network issues with remote test.  Gain visibility to fiber health and reduce costly issues that impair speed by rapidly locating problems using the VIAVI Optical Network Management System. Common use cases are DCI and network security, long-haul, Xhaul and PON monitoring, and PON Construction and Activation. 

VIAVI has been a driving force in 5G since 2013, partnering with the world's top communication providers and other leading organizations to deliver the solutions needed to develop, test, enable, assure, and optimize autonomous networks with speed and success in both the lab and the field. Only VIAVI offers complete solutions for 5G validation, verification, and visibility

Coherent optical transport is revolutionizing the way optical networks are designed and built.  From the emergence of 400G pluggable coherent optics to the release of public standards from the OIF and IEEE, coherent interfaces are poised to enter a next wave of growth. VIAVI delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement solutions for designing, manufacturing, deploying, and validating optical coherent technologies.

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