Environmental Test System (OCETS Plus)

Integrated automated test facilities for testing long-term reliability of optical components while subjected to environmental stress conditions in a temperature/humidity chamber.

OCETS Plus is the evolution of the classic OCETS system that has been shipping for over a decade. The classic OCETS hardware specifications and software algorithms have been improved to meet the latest market requirements for optical component qualification testing, such as those driven by Verizon’s FOC program. At the core of OCETS Plus is a pair of custom-grade programmable switches (1xN configuration). OCETS switches are specified to higher levels of IL repeatability and background RL than analogue-grade switches. Therefore, the implementation of an OCETS Plus system represents an improvement over the capability of any in-house system that utilizes analogue-grade switches. In addition to the programmable switches, OCETS Plus is a hardware platform that comprises Fabry-Perot lasers, a source switch, directional switches, a polarization controller, high directivity couplers, and a power meter.

Key Features

  • High insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) repeatability
  • High return loss option (HiRL) monitors RL up to 70dB
  • Supplied with EasyOCETS Software
  • Single mode and multi-mode systems
  • Full bi-directional testing
  • Up to 210 device channels (420 ports)


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