FDM-100 Field Data Management Software (Discontinued)

Data management software that supports DSAM models.

The FDM-100 software helps users manage meter assets, channel and limit plans, and field measurement data. This provides a powerful solution to help manage test instruments and test results and to ensure that test procedures are consistent across users.


  • Maintains and displays a complete inventory list of DSAM/RSAM units.
  • Configures network settings, security protection, and firmware upgrades for up to 100 DSAMs.
  • Updates the DSAMs in the field with the correct channel plans.
  • Ensures consistency and correct field measurements to eliminate errors.
  • Stores limit plans and deploys them to the DSAMs in the field.
  • Displays test results that can then be archived into individual work folders.


  • Enables supervisors to share data with technicians to improve troubleshooting.
  • Helps supervisors track technician productivity and accuracy.
  • Ensures that test setup is consistent and correct and that DSAMs are used correctly.
  • Eliminates return service calls and retesting caused by incorrect test setup.
  • Enables supervisors to manage both meter assets and technicians with one software application.

Key Features

  • Supports up to 100 DSAMs.
  • Sends data to and receives test results from DSAMs in the field via the local area network (LAN) or RF plant.
  • Notifies managers when specific DSAMs need calibration or updates.
  • Saves time and resources by entering data only once.

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