iOTDR Cards: Micro and Nano

Gain the Advantage of Integrated iOTDR Visibility from the VIAVI ONMSi RFTS Team

Integrated OTDR Remote Fiber Testing Solutions (RFTS) for network elements in a small but mighty form factor

Micro iOTDR Cards Nano iOTDR™ Cards

Gain a competitive advantage with the compact, easy to integrate VIAVI iOTDR™ cards and software. VIAVI iOTDR cards provide NEMS with the capability to help customers accurately locate fiber faults that degrade network traffic. Ensure high availability network services by identifying physical faults causing latency, jitter service quality issues and network outages. Protect data by detecting fiber security intrusion attacks. For use in xWDM, FTTX, PON, 4G/5G Fiber networks.

Accelerate your iOTDR integration design process by leveraging VIAVI professional services expertise to assist while you integrate and test the Nano or Micro iOTDR cards within a larger system.


  • Exceptionally accurate, reliable, small form factor integrated OTDR
  • Easy to integrate in a pluggable hardware package for optical network elements
  • Low power consumption, low cost
  • Easy to program with large software library for many remote fiber test use cases
  • Designed for easy integration into Network Elements such as Amplifiers, Switches, etc by Network Element Manufacturers (NEMS)
  • Proven in network elements already installed around the globe


  • Fiber characterization
  • Fiber monitoring
  • Tapping security intrusion detection
  • Fault demarcation
  • Raman amplified link test
  • Track fiber degradation for preventative maintenance

Key Features

  • Medium or long distance high accuracy OTDRs
  • Short dead zone
  • In-service fiber testing
  • Controlled via Ethernet interface
  • Large software library
  • High distance accuracy
  • Support from VIAVI OTDR experts for your development team
  • For use in PON, XGS-PON, 5G, DWDM, CWDM and dark fiber testing

Nano iOTDR Card

Specifications Nano iOTDR card for Medium Range integrated OTDR - (typical at 25°C)
OTDR Range Details Medium Range
Wavelength¹ (nm) 1610 nm
Wavelength accuracy¹ (nm) +/-5
Dynamic range² (dB) 32
Pulse width 10 ns to 10 μs
Event dead zone³ (m) 1.5
Attenuation dead zone⁴ (m) 5

Specifications Micro iOTDR card for Medium or Long Range integrated OTDR - (typical at 25°C)

Micro iOTDR Card
OTDR Range Details Medium Range Long Range
Wavelength¹ (nm) 1625 nm 1610 or 1626 nm
Wavelength accuracy¹ (nm) +/-3 +/-3
Dynamic range² (dB) 37 40
Pulse width 5 ns to 20 μs 5 ns to 20 μs
Event dead zone³ (m) 1 0.8
Attenuation dead zone⁴ (m) 3.5 3

¹Laser at 25°C and measured at 10 μs.
²The one way difference between the extrapolated backscattering level at the start of the fiber and the RMS noise level, after 3 minutes averaging and using the largest pulse width. ³Measured at ±1.5 dB down from the peak of an unsaturated reflective event using the shortest pulse width.
⁴Measured at ±0.5 dB from the linear regression using a -55dB type reflectance and using the shortest pulse width.

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