Resolve Problems that Matter Most and Simplify Transition to R-PHY

VIAVI XPERTrak provides an unmatched focus on resolving issues creating churn risk in a virtualized solution designed to simplify the transition to Remote PHY

June 4, 2018 — There are many systems available today to turn dashboard indicators red, but only XPERTrak also gives you the insight and tools to help you turn them green. Spot at-risk subscribers before they churn by prioritizing plant issues based on customer impact. Address the issues quickly with integrated find and fix tools and field meter interaction including Remote PHY return sweep support. XPERTrak provides a common user experience for technicians regardless of underlying plant architecture or network equipment manufacturer, greatly simplifying the transition to new HFC technologies like R-PHY and enabling continuity of critical HFC maintenance capabilities.

New in XPERTrak 2.0:

  • Flash elimination for PathTrak administration
  • Integration of Trilithic leakage results into maps
  • Node health analyzer view for rapid triage of current or past states
  • Remote PHY upstream sweep and ingress suppression (initially for Harmonic)


  • Fix what matters most by focusing on at-risk subscribers
  • Know where to go and what to do to fix identified issues before customers churn
  • Reduce MTTR and OPEX by optimizing every truck roll
  • Reduce customer calls
  • Provides seamless transition to Remote PHY with vendor/architecture-neutral solution

For more information on XPERTrak, download the product brief, visit our website or contact your local VIAVI representative.

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