TrueSite Handheld (Discontinued)

TrueSite handheld is an ultra-portable cloud-enabled solution that makes it easy to test in complex indoor environments, including airports, stadiums, malls, and offices. TrueSite handheld can be deployed on a single smartphone.

TrueSite Handheld supports a wide variety of smartphones and collects a wide range of network information from areas that are difficult to reach using typical drive-test tools. More importantly, it enables engineers to test the indoor network from the perspective of a smartphone subscriber. Easy configuration and full integration with the RANAdvisor platform provides a complete test collection and analysis solution.

With three simple operating modes for testing and user flexibility, TrueSite Handheld lets absolutely anyone conduct tests, giving providers ultimate resource flexibility.

The three modes are:

  1. True Handheld Pro
  2. True Handheld Lite
  3. True Handheld Play


  • Fast, one-touch access
  • RAT, Band, Frequency and Cell forcing and locking function
  • User defined charts
  • Parallel Test Sequencer
  • Indoor/outdoor testing
  • Remote control function
  • Simple flexible GUI
  • Application testing
  • POLQA voice quality testing
  • VoLTE measurements
  • eMBMS analysis
  • WiFi measurements
  • Google Maps display for outdoors


  • Verify end user experience using mobile applications 
  • Troubleshoot service issues and RF network issues 
  • Benchmark performance  
  • Helps quickly deploy and troubleshoot DAS and small cells
  • Tests faster with real-time problem resolution
  • Enables unobtrusive, discreet testing
  • Verifies hot spots quickly with active/passive WiFi testing
  • Quickly validates services without writing scripts
  • Ultra-portable with an intuitive user interface


  • Benchmarking
  • RF and Network optimization
  • DAS and small cell deployment
  • VoLTE analysis
  • eMBMS troubleshooting


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