8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer (Discontinued)

EXCLUSIVE TETRA Network QoS Analysis, Protocol Logging and System Performance Analysis

8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer 8150 TETRA AirAnalyzer

Mobile networks following the TETRA standard form a basis for successful operation in the police and emergency services, airports, railways and for many other professional users. These user groups demand reliable and safe network operation and the best possible radio coverage.

The 8150 AirAnalyzer is an ideal tool for TETRA mobile and base station developers as well as professionals maintaining TETRA networks. With its two off-air receivers, full uplink and downlink TETRA communications can be recorded and analyzed to support various protocol and system level tests, which include:

  • Interoperability testing between mobiles and base stations
  • Quality analysis of TETRA network services, such as MCCH call loads and call statistics
  • Investigate problems during installation or expansion of TETRA networks
  • Locating carrier and interference problems
  • Analyzing voice communication quality
  • Verifying security features such authentication and air interface encryption
  • TETRA coverage maps

The 8150 AirAnalyzer uses a suite of standard and optional software analysis tools to perform protocol and system-level analysis of TETRA communications.

These include:

  • Message Sequence Charts (MSC)
  • Scanner
  • Audio Decoder
  • Quality of Service
    • Call statics
    • SDS Statistics
    • Control Channel Load
    • Traffic Channel Load
  • TETRA Scanner
  • IQ Analyzer
  • Air Interface Encryption
  • Geo Maps
  • Direct Mode Operation (DMO)


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