Interactive Business Intelligence

ValueDATA makes use of all the data gathered by a Business Intelligence Platform to provide MNOs’ marketing teams with complex data insights tailored to their needs. It offers numerous and customizable analytical dashboards for specific use cases which can be tailored to meet an operator specific needs.

Main features 

  • On-demand tailored use-cases: Every operator has specific needs and ValueData has been developed to be flexible. 
  • Data Monetization: Enables its users to make full use of all the data available on the network through the Northbound Interface 
  • Behavior and usage: A dashboard displaying behavior and consumption analytics (most used services, etc.) 
  • Analytics: Either from the networks, the technology used or the subscribers, get detailed insights and profiling information.

Value-added location-based services (LBS)

By exporting key information relating to subscriber location through an NBI (Northbound Interface), the extracted data can be sent to your own LBS solution, offering a strategic way of increasing revenue.

Subscriber behavior and usage analytics

ValueDATA provides meaningful subscriber behavior information, such as most used services, most visited websites (by location), handset type, downloaded content and more. With this information, your marketing department can create tailored campaigns, adjust your current line of services and products or make special offers based on behavior or consumption. Using accurate metrics from ValueDATA, marketing departments ensure their campaigns have a higher success rate.

Subscriber activity analytics

Based on CEM architecture, a set of dashboards is proposed to detect inactive subscribers, per group and per service (CS, PS, both). Marketing and/or Customer Care teams can launch appropriate actions avoiding customer churns or complaints, and then check their benefits. 

On-demand use cases

ValueDATA has already offered a solution to various MNOs worldwide. One operator, for example, needed a segmentation tool so that it could adapt its services to suit specific markets. Another operator wanted to be able to detect subscribers using dual SIM phones more easily.

Northbound interface (NBI) Data Provider

On top of ValueDATA application, the solution can natively export KPIs of xDR through an NBI, the data produced can be sent to the operator’s own third-party solutions (e.g. corporate reporting, alert and NOC solutions, etc.) making them an invaluable source of information for the Business Intelligence of the operator’s ecosystem.


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