ONMSi Rejuvenation Trade-In Program

Change to Take Advantage of the ONMSi

Take advantage of aggressive hardware trade-in discount options on the OTU-8000V1 to modernize your ONMSi System:
Swap for a new assembly with a new OTDR, optical switch and test head or reuse your OTDR module, swap your switch and test head

ONMSi Rejuvenation Trade-In Program

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We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your business.  Remote fiber monitoring has come a long way while many customers still use outdated OTU8000V1 hardware purchased 10+ years ago that are out of support. This presents failure risk and limitations to meeting modern network management goals.

Rejuvenation Trade-in Program: Replace any OTU8000V1 with the latest generation of OTU8000V2E(V3) or OTU5000 platform.

Avoid disruption to your network monitoring process and ensure system supportability while benefiting from new modern hardware and software features. It is important to maintain your system to ensure it will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, quietly, rapidly identifying network issues to allow you to eliminate or reduce link outages.   

How to Achieve Your Goals

Increase service capacity: Convert dark monitoring lines to revenue producing service or leased lines by selecting a new hardware configuration (new OTDR module, new switch capacity).

Improve uptime, protect staff and customer SLAs. Expand into the metro/access network where terabits of traffic remain vulnerable to fiber faults and outages.  Legacy monitoring systems lack the fast processing power for rapid scans. New hardware configurations provide 4X the port density with greater speed to enable simultaneous on demand construction/activation test while monitoring routinely in PON/DAA networks. 

protecting network heroes

The new OTDR trace algorithms provides enhanced visibility and resolution to the faults on the line

enhanced fault location and diagnosis

Reduce Support Opex
 All new units include a 3 year warranty, thus each new unit reduces the OpEx support expense.

We no longer perform vulnerability management for the V1 generation.  The current generation provides updates to manage security vulnerability.

Security Vulnerability Management

New small form factor, energy saving units save 8741 metric tons of carbon emissions in 10 years and added A/C savings. The OTU5000 saves 20 watts/hr over the OTU8000 and 5/6 the rack space.  Free up rack space for lease, reduce power usage, pollution and A/C needs. 

Reduce Carbon and Rackspace Footprint

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Plan Your Next Steps: Assess Your Needs by Use Case with Your VIAVI Representative

  • Plan Your Upgrades
  • How Many Units by When?
  • OTDR, Switch and S/W Configs
  • Are Services Needed?
Use Cases

Upgrade Trade-in Program Terms
The old unit must be returned to VIAVI within 3 months of receipt of the new unit to obtain and retain the discount to ensure that the electronics are disposed of correctly and to remove old units from service.  The standard price of the unit will be charged, subject to any master purchase agreement contract pricing, when old units are not returned.