Simplify RF Testing and Optimization with Enhanced, Industry-Leading RFoCPRI Solution from VIAVI

VIAVI CellAdvisor

November 10, 2016 — VIAVI Solutions today announced enhancements to its RFoCPRI technology that helps RF engineers and cell-site technicians more efficiently perform verification and troubleshooting of fiber-to-the-antenna cell sites. As the radio access network continues to evolve with different radio types, incremental numbers of transmitting and receiving antennas, and carrier aggregation, performing RFoCPRI interference tests can be challenging. With the newest enhancements to CellAdvisor™ VIAVI improves RFoCPRI testing so technicians can more easily and confidently perform interference tests.

Key Features and Benefits

  • RFoCPRI IQ data block status helps technicians quickly configure RFoCPRI tests while allowing them to accurately set radio configuration of different line rates, channel bandwidths, and antenna configurations (MIMO).
  • RFoCPRI LTE signal analysis provides cell technicians with additional information regarding the signal under test, including channel bandwidth and center frequency, enabling them to conduct multi-carrier radios tests with confidence.
  • RFoCPRI radio profile database virtually eliminates the need for configuration by allowing technicians to select from a large list of pre-configured CPRI mappings for different radios from different vendors.
  • RFoCPRI FFT spectrum performs spectrum measurements significantly faster, detecting fast and intermittent interfering signals, especially in cases where high sensitivity is required. Measurement speeds are improved up to 100x.
  • RFoCPRI quad-spectrum allows technicians to display up to four active spectrum measurements on a single screen, enabling them to quickly identify any diversity imbalance issues in MIMO radios with four receivers. It also provides the ability to overlay these four active measurements in the same spectrum scale, making diversity imbalance measurements accurate and easy.
  • RFoCPRI multi-carrier signal generator enhances the BBU emulation feature by enabling CellAdvisor to generate different signal LTE formats to test radios supporting carrier aggregation, or radios in a daisy-chain. It also allows the CellAdvisor to perform a two-tone PIM Analysis.
  • RFoCPRI interference analysis for GSM/EDGE allows operators with radio access technologies supporting 2G, 3G, and 4G to perform RFoCPRI interference analysis from the ground across all the technologies with a single solution.

With the fast increase in fiber-based remote radio deployments, wireless service providers and their contractors struggle with rising costs related to commissioning, insurance, and maintenance—as well as safety concerns due to tower climbs. CellAdvisor with RFoCPRI technology effectively reduces maintenance costs and risks to the technician, while providing increased efficiency and productivity by virtually eliminating tower climbs.

For more information, visit our RFoCPRI page.