Track Down Ingress and Noise Faster and Easier

VSE-1100, the best portable analyzer for cable headend and field testing, just got better with visibility of spectrum in active channel bands.

January 25, 2018 — Ingress has long been a performance impediment for HFC high speed data services, and cable companies have intensified their efforts to combat this problem. As most of the return band becomes filled with service carriers, it becomes challenging to see noise and ingress, without the ability to look for noise in empty spectrum. The VSE-1100 with HyperSpectrum features a selectable persistence heatmap view which easily shows ingress and noise under the active upstream channel bands.

HyperSpectrum persistence heat map reveals ingress in active channel bands

HyperSpectrum persistence heat map reveals ingress in active channel bands

In addition to this essential plant troubleshooting tool, the latest VSE-1100 firmware update includes enhanced channel plan definition and storage. The VSE-1100 allows multiple channel plans to be built, edited, and renamed, making use easier for personnel who to travel from location to location where multiple channel lineups exist. Users can simply select the desired plan from previously built channel plans.

CW's, or pilot carriers, can be added to the active physical channel plan. The VSE-1100 allows for up to 40 CW's to be added to the active Physical Channel Plan.

New firmware features and benefits:

  • Persistence heat map reveals noise/ingress in active channel bands
  • Multiple channel plans eliminate reconfiguration time when travelling from site to site
  • Simple CW carrier inclusion in plans to improve accuracy of performance audits

This powerful, truly portable VSE-1100 includes digital and analog spectrum and video analysis as well as advanced noise and upstream troubleshooting—the headend and the field can use the same instrument to verify problem sources and eliminate finger-pointing. Better problem isolation means fewer truck rolls and quicker resolution.

For more information on the VSE-1100 and other solutions to HFC challenges, visit our website or contact your local VIAVI representative.