MAP Continuously Tunable Laser Source (mTLS-C1)

The mTLS-C1 three-slot cassette offers a long-term reliable, low noise output with a wide tuning range in the C+L band.

MAP Continuously Tunable Laser Source (mTLS-C1)

The mTLS-C1 is continuously tunable high-power laser source for general purpose applications across DWDM, optical amplifier and silicon photonic test applications. The 3-slot module delivers performance, stability in in a compact form factor that is ideal for use in R&D, NPI and volume manufacturing and is easily integrated into a diverse set of applications alongside the over 15 modules currently offered in the MAP family.

For standalone applications, the mTLS-C1 can be housed in the MAP-330 to deliver premium performance in one of the smallest footprints on the market. Likewise, when housed in the MAP-380, the mTLS-C1 provides space for 5 additional application slots for use with optical switches, power meters, optical spectrum analyzers and a full host of signal conditioning modules.The laser can be tuned with picometer resolution across the full wavelength range from 1520 nm to 1635 nm. Precision power control is achieved using an embedded VOA to ensure maximum stability and guarantees low ASE performance across all power and wavelength ranges. 10 dBm output power with PM fiber coupling makes it ideal for waveguide characterization without the need for additional polarization controllers.


  • C+L band continuously tunable source cassettes
  • Mod-hop free
  • High output power of 10 dBm with low ASE noise floor  


  • Optical amplifier testing (Gain and noise figure)
  • Channel monitor calibration DWDM components testing
  • Circuit pack path loss calibration
  • Silicon photonic waveguide loss measurements  

Key Features

  • PM-fiber coupled output
  • 500 kHz linewidth
  • 3-Slot cassette compatible with MAP-300 chassis
  • Sweeping and setting operation
  • LXI compliant with IVI drivers  

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