The world’s best integrated development and test environment for SCA wireless systems.

Raptor is an all-in-one integrated test and development solution that is based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). Raptor is a combination of three VIAVI flag ship products: eCo Suite, Signal WorkShop™, and the Configurable Modular Platform (CMP), making it the ideal companion for the design, development, emulation, and test of your SCA software defined system (SDS). Raptor provides the ultimate level of flexibility and performance for accelerating the development process of SCA Software Defined Radios or Systems, from concept to market-ready product.

Code named RAPTOR, this integrated modular, configurable, open-standard based platform is designed to meet requirements of today and tomorrow. RAPTOR is the perfect solution for the development and test of complex embedded software defined systems as found in tactical communications, electronic warfare, signal intelligence, radar, and robotics.


  • Speed up development by using an all-integrated platform
  • Configurable to emulate user target platform.
  • Follows an open standard architecture, so not locked to a proprietary solution.
  • Same SCA core Framework as used by US DoD for the certification tool
  • Focus on application development, not system integration.
  • Applications can be ported easily to SCA-based target platform.
  • Integrated development and test platform to reduce amount of equipment needed.


  • Raptor is a development environment and test and measurement system, making it a multi-purpose piece of equipment.
  • Raptor is a completely integrated SCA development environment which allows customers to quickly be up and running with the development of their projects.
  • Raptor is SCA-based, which means CMP can mimic their final platform, which allows the applications developed on Raptor to be easily ported to their final product.
  • SCA Suite is used by the US DoD certification lab for the development of the SCA certification tools, therefore certification of customer applications and radio equipment is much simpler.


  • Raptor is the ideal SCA development and test environment for equipment manufacturers, research labs (industry and government), and academia who are developing software defined systems (SDS) based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA).
  • Raptor is also ideal solutions for development and test in wireless communication domains such as electronic warfare (EW), signal intelligence (SigInt), and Radar.


RAPTOR provides intuitive, easy to use design tools that help simplify development, streamline software portability, and ensure compliance to SCA standards.

  • Component-based approach lets you quickly design applications by graphically assembling signal processing blocks.
  • Use standard-based APIs for peripherals to isolate your applications from the underlying hardware to facilitate software portability to your platform and support future development.
  • Its intuitive graphical model-based design, with hundreds of validation rules will significantly speed up development, ensuring compliancy with the SCA standard.


Quickly start designing, developing, and executing your applications with eCo Suite SCA 4.1. eCo Suite provides an SCAv4.1 core framework as well as a Design and Modeling tool and a runtime introspection tool to monitor software deployment and optimize performance.

eCo Suite is easy to use, there is no need to be an SCA expert. Application development is as easy as dragging and dropping pre-configured SCA-compliant signal processing blocks into your workspace and letting the SCA tool automatically generate the SCA code according to your waveform model.


Use RAPTOR as a surrogate platform to run and test your applications in real time before porting the software to your own target platform.

  • Install, configure, start, and stop your applications from an intuitive user interface.
  • Modify your software deployment strategy in real-time to optimize your application performance.
  • Emulate channel characteristics using signal processing blocks from the provided DSP Toolbox.

Test and Analyze

Use RAPTOR to test the performance of your wireless applications using Signal Workshop, a fully integrated signal analysis tool.Connect directly at the antenna port or insert software probes within the signal processing chain to analyze system performance.

  • Test your applications with synthetic RF signal or real signals recorded from the environment.
  • View the signal characteristics in the time, frequency, or modulation domains, or look at the phase constellation.
  • Use Signal Workshop’s high-resolution visualization tools to analyze the signal to noise ratio, adjacent channel interference, filter performance, synchronization robustness and much more.
  • Analyze performance in simulated or real interference environment by creating your own test signals or recording live signals and play it back into your processing chain, including combining real and synthetic signals.

Raptor is a complete, integrated platform for the development and test of Software Defined Systems (SDS) that are based on the SCA. Raptor offers the following standard and/or optional configurations:

Configurable Modular Platform (CMP)

mA-1302 / 1305 Advanced High-Performance AXIe Chassis Module
The foundation for the latest modular test solutions portfolio.

mA-3011 AXIe Embedded Host, 2.4 GHz Quad Core i7
The mA-3011 provides a compact and integrated solution for AXIe-based deployments by eliminating the need for an external host processor for module control.

mA-3310 / 3320 AXIe Embedded Field Programmable Gate Array
The mA-3310 / 3320 provides additional computing power to the user for the development and prototyping of highly demanding signal processing.

mA-3A01 High-Performance AXIe Mass Data Storage Module
The mA-3A01 mass storage tray which supports up to four NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) Solid State Drives (SSDs).

mA-6806 AXIe Vector Signal Transceiver
The mA-6806 is the industry's first modular AXIe solution that joins the measurement capabilities of a vector signal analyzer with the arbitrary waveform playback functions of a vector signal generator.

mA-6A30 AXIe Vector Signal Transceiver with 30 GHz Downconverter
The mA-6A30 builds upon the mA-6806 and extends the vector signal analyzer capabilities up to 30 GHz.

Model, design and develop the user applications.

eCo Suite includes:

  • SCA v4.1 Core Framework as used by the US DoD as reference implementation for the development of their certification tool.

  • eCo Architect, a software tool for the modeling and development of SCA-applications. All SCA-code is automatically generated by Architect leaving the user to insert its signal processing code.
  • eCo Inspector, a software tool for the testing of SCA applications. eCo Inspector is used to install, configure, start, stop, and introspect platform and signal processing for debugging purposes. Modify the deployment strategy of software on the platform improve performance.
  • eCo DSP Toolbox, a library of the main signal processing algorithms used in communications wireless systems.  Each algorithm is provided as a standalone SCA component that can be simply drag, drop, and connected on the eCo Architect canvas, significantly speeding up the development of algorithms.

Learn more about eCo Suite

Signal Workshop

VIAVI’s RF signal monitoring and analysis tool. When combined with eCo Inspector, Signal WorkShop provides an unprecedented approach to waveform application debugging. Probe the inside of the signal processing chain or inject signals within the chain to analyze, in real time the quality of the signal and the performance of the algorithm. Perform the following analysis and much more:

  • Spectrum analysis / filter performance / intermodulation products
  • Modulation domain analysis / constellation plots / eye diagrams
  • Spectrogram / time plots

Learn more about Signal Workshop

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