VSA-RF100 RF QAM and MPEG Video Probe (Discontinued)

The VSA-RF100 integrates both RF and MPEG analysis to quickly identify and troubleshoot customer-affecting issues down to the individual program level.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

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December 2022 with an active support contract placed before December 30, 2020

The VSA-RF100 probe provides remote monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting to the field, headend, and network operations center (NOC) without the delay and expense of deploying a specialist to the physical hub location. Simply viewing the QAM with a spectrum analyzer or measuring and monitoring MER and BER on QAM carriers provides limited insight into MPEG video transport streams. It is critical for cable network operators to have system-wide visibility into the underlying content, including the MPEG protocol layer, to ensure the quality of programming content.


  • Proactively identify and resolve problems with the highest customer-experience impact in a fraction of the time
  • Indicates forward-path degradation before service is disrupted, increasing network availability
  • Intelligently filters alarms based on severity to appropriately alert local operations and NOC personnel
  • Eliminate truck rolls to segment RF versus MPEG/video issues


  • CATV video and downstream DOCSIS assurance
  • TR 101-290 MPEG monitoring for both DVB and ATSC
  • Remote troubleshooting <this is the application, the rest is a feature>
  • Remote hub site quality audits

Key Features

  • Deep MER capabilities — 44 dB
  • Fast scan times — RF power and MER on 120 channel lineup in less than a minute
  • Live, in-depth troubleshooting
  • Digital quality index (DQI) identifies intermittent problems 
  • Monitors MPEG stream errors (TR 101-290 Priority 1, 2, and 3) with drill-down capabilities to analyze and troubleshoot
  • Content scrambling/encryption detection
  • Simple network management protocol (SNMP) trap forwarding on alarm state changes
  • Easily accessible performance history (RF, QAM, and MPEG)
  • Plug-and-play compatible with the ISS-5116 switch family; up to 128 ports with a single VSA-RF100
  • Drop-in replacement for the RSAM product line (requires VSA Monitor)

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