The world’s best integrated development and test environment for Software Communications Architecture (SCA) wireless systems.

Code named RAPTOR, this all integrated modular, configurable and open-standard based has been designed to meet today and tomorrow’s requirements.  It is the perfect solution for the development and test of complex embedded software defined systems as found in tactical communications, electronic warfare, signal intelligence, radar, and robotics.

Modular AXIe

Raptor is the combination of three VIAVI flag ship products:


Raptor provides the ultimate level of flexibility and performance for accelerating the development process of Software Defined Radios or Systems, from concept to market-ready product. Based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), an international open standard for the development of heterogeneous and distributed applications and platforms, this all-in-one integrated solution is the ideal companion for the design, development, emulation and test of your software defined system (SDS) products.


Following a component-based approach, design your applications by graphically, assembling signal processing blocks using the NordiaSoft SCA eCo Suite development environment.  Using standard-based APIs for peripherals such as audio, Ethernet, GPS, RF transceiver, isolate your applications from the underlying hardware, thus facilitating software portability to your own platform and its future improvements.

Its intuitive graphical model-based design, with hundreds of validation rules, will significantly speed up your development, ensuring compliancy with the SCA standard, out of the box.


No need to be an SCA expert. Go right into the development of your application’s signal processing algorithms and let the NordiaSoft SCA tool automatically generate the SCA code, as per your waveform model.  Speed up your development even further by dragging and dropping already created SCA-compliant signal processing blocks such as modulators, error correction codes, and filters. Insert the Bit Error Rate (BER) meter and channel emulator blocks.  Test your waveform under different channel conditions using the channel emulator block. Add your own signal processing blocks or modify those provided to suit your own needs.


Use RAPTOR, as the surrogate platform, to run and test your applications in real time. Install, configure, start and stop your applications from an intuitive user interface. Modify in real-time your software deployment strategy to optimize your application performance. Emulate channel characteristics using signal processing blocks from the provided DSP Toolbox. Once satisfied, port the software to your own target platform.

RAPTOR’s instrument grade, high performance capabilities will undoubtedly satisfy all your radio requirements. Its configurable and modular design safe-guards your investment for future projects. Integrated following the SCA, RAPTOR offers standard interfaces to ensure minimum modifications to your developed applications when you need to port it into your own platform.


Connect directly at the antenna port or insert software probes within the signal processing chain and to analyse the performance of your system. View the signal characteristics in the time or frequency, or modulation domains, or look at the phase constellation. With the high-resolution visualization tools, analyse the signal to noise ratio, adjacent channel interference, filter performance, synchronization robustness and much more. Analyse performance in simulated or real interference environment by creating your own test signals or recording live signals and play it back into your processing chain, including combining real and synthetic signals.

Assemble your own system. Plug-in RF modules and COTS-based CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs. Selection of JTNC SCA devices (Ethernet, GPS, audio, etc.).Use across your entire organization. Develop for tactical radio, radar, electronic warfare, and signal intelligence domains.
Accelerate time to market with seamlessly integrated hardware and software. Leverage pre-loaded NordiaSoft SCARI Software Suite.Reduce cost. Support full life cycle development. Simulate, design, emulate, and test on one integrated system.

Protect your investment. Benefit from a true component-based architecture for hardware and software.Future-proof your products. Leverage open, standards-based COTS software and hardware.

Improve Embedded Systems Development

Built for Ultimate Flexibility

Its modular configuration provides a high degree of flexibility when comes time to select processing elements and RF front end.  Its five-slot chassis (also available in a 2-slot configuration) can host a mixture of high-performance instrument-grade RF front end and signal processing components (GPP and FPGA).  Multiple chassis can be daisy chained to provide even more processing capabilities.

By software configuration, CMP becomes a development platform, a test set or a spectrum monitoring unit.  One box for multiple purposes.

With Best Performance in Mind

No compromise was done regarding performance.  CMP incorporates an instrument grade RF front end for prototyping and development that provides RF characteristics traditionally only available to test instruments.

Its ultra-wide aggregated chassis bandwidth (up to an impressive 1.5Tbps) moves the data within the system to support the most demanding applications.

Available with high speed, deep memory data storage you can record 200MHz of RF spectrum bandwidth for a few hours and play it back for signal analysis or as test vectors.

Built For Ultimate Flexibility

Fully Integrated for Software Communications Architecture Development

Quickly start designing, developing and executing your applications thanks to open-standard based SCA environment, all integrated with the Raptor hardware.  Develop and experiment on Raptor and port the final solution to your own target platform.  eCo Suite provides an SCAv4.1 core framework as well as a Design and Modeling tool and a runtime introspection tool to monitor software deployment and optimize performance.

Learn more about eCo Suite

Test and Measurement capabilities

Test the performance of your wireless applications using Signal Workshop, a fully integrated signal analysis tool designed to assist in finding and / or solving the toughest RF communications signal quality, spectral monitoring, interference, and environmental RF issues. 

Measure system performance at the antenna or within the signal processing chain using embedded software probes.  Test your applications with synthetic RF signal or real signals recorded from the environment.

Learn more about Signal Workshop

Especificaciones técnicas

Configurable Modular Platform

The following provides some technical information on the VIAVI Configurable Modular Platform:

  • 2 or 5 slots AXIe chassis
  • Daisy chainable to 256 chassis
  • 32 GB/s slot-to-slot data throughput
  • Quad-core 2.4GHz i7 processor (option for two i7 per slot)
  • High data throughput with PCIe Gen3 and Wide PCI Express Fabric Extensions.
  • Removable solid-state hard drive
  • Intel Arria 10 or Xilinx Zynq FPGAs with partial reconfiguration capability
  • 100kHz to 6GHz Transceiver
  • Option to 30 GHz receiver and soon 44GHz transceiver
  • 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 250 MS/s I/Q samples,
  • 16 bit ADC/DAC
  • Display, 4 USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, audio ports, GPS/GLONASS

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