TM500 O-DU Tester

TM500 5G Test Mobile Family extends it capability to support the direct interface to the Distributed Unit (O-DU) via eCPRI

Testing O-RAN 5G Base Stations using the TM500-C 5G Test Mobile Family

TM500 O-DU Tester

The ability to test O-DUs with different profiles from different vendors can be complex and expensive as may need multiple test lines. The TM500 O-RAN Fronthaul Solution allow multiple O-DUs from different vendors to be tested including having different profiles. This reduces complexity and cost of testing.

The O-RAN Fronthaul Solution is an extension of the TM500 which has an unparalleled global support footprint to assist customers in expediting delivery and deployment around the world.

VIAVI is involved in the development of O-RAN specifications which is important particularly in supporting multiple vendors with different vendor specific requirements. As O-RAN continues to evolve, VIAVI is well placed to align with its objectives on virtualization, interoperability and the use of low cost, off-the-shelf platforms.

By using the TM500 O-RAN fronthaul solution it provides seamless access to already leading 3GPP 5G features supported today over RF. E.g. in End-to-End tests when testing the latest high order Carrier Aggregation and MIMO.


  • Extends capabilities of market leading TM500 Test Mobile that is used extensively by the world’s leading vendors and operators
  • New interface and software options to interface directly to O-DU without an O-RU present
  • Support multiple O-RAN profiles to ensure interoperability against a wide range of Radio Units and vendors
  • Ensure delivery of commercially robust gNBs and software that support high numbers of subscribers consuming large amounts of data
  • Test using real world data flows at high scale with realistic mobility modeling


  • The TM500 5G already supports today 1000’s of UEs with a rich KPI set for network performance testing over RF.
  • 5G functionalities supported over RF can be accessed over O-RAN as it matures. This is important to operators for network performance testing and inter-operability with 4/4.5G where the TM500 clearly leads.
  • All mobility scenarios are supported over 5G and is key as the deployment scenarios become more complex


  • O-RAN Fronthaul Testing
  • 5G Testing

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