OneAdvisor 1000 DTSS

Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS)

The OneAdvisor 1000 DTSS brings DTSS technology to the field in a uniquely portable solution. Audit, check and maintain critical infrastructure with the most versatile optical fiber sensing solutions on the market.

The OneAdvisor 1000 DTSS provides portable measurement of fiber optic cables, hybrid cables and fiber-enabled assets. Utilizing fiber optic cables to provide real-time information about temperature and strain exerted by the environment in and around your assets.

Designed for industries that demand high precision and reliability in a portable and remotely accessible package. Our innovative technology delivers Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensing (DTSS) for absolute measurements of temperature and strain along extensive lengths of fiber optic cable, making it an indispensable tool for numerous applications.

Assess the integrity of telecom optical fibers and data center interconnects (DCI) or perform structural health assessment of fiber enabled assets and ensure optimal operational conditions in diverse applications such as power utilities, pipelines, bridges, buildings, and other infrastructures.

Giving you high confidence by ensuring optimal asset performance and structural health from day 1.

OneAdvisor 1000 DTSS is a multi-test platform which can be enhanced and expanded with additional capabilities such as OTDR test and connector inspection.

Also available as rack-mounted Fiber Test Head (FTH-DTSS) for permanent monitoring in OEM mode or with the VIAVI Remote Fiber Test System (ONMSi).

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  • Assess strain and temperature profiles against tolerances
  • Detect exposed cables and confirm depth of burial
  • Identify risks due to excessive or abnormal temperature or strain
  • Identify and reduce cable strain before breaks occur
  • Protect, monitor and maintain critical infrastructure


  • Single-ended solutions requiring only one fiber
  • Combined measurement capabilities all in one unit (Temperature and Strain) (Patented)
  • Portable, compact and lightweight
  • Intuitive, modern, user interface with large touchscreen
  • Efficient remote operation, minimal training required

Key Features

  • Simultaneous temperature and strain measurement (Patented)
  • Decorrelation of temperature and strain effects
  • Brillouin OTDR solution (B-OTDR)
  • OTDR test: loss, reflections, and breaks
  • Battery operated; no power generators required
  • Secure connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet) with Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) for remote control and operation


  • Electrical utilities
    • Cable hot spot detection
    • Depth of Burial
    • Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) mechanical strain
  • Pipeline safety checks/monitoring
    • Landslide or ground movement detection
    • Linear heat detection Leak detection
  • Telecoms, dark fiber providers and data center interconnects
    • Depth of Burial
    • Strain testing for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance
    • Fiber health/degradation assessment
  • Infrastructure/Structural Health Assessment
    • Bridges, buildings, railways, pipelines, dams
    • Linear heat and leak detection
    • Geotechnical movement


OneAdvisor 1000 Platform

Portable 400G High-Speed Network Testing Platform

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