SDA-4040D Stealth Digital Analyzer (Discontinued)

Delivers precision "find and fix" measurement tools that will reduce critical test time when analyzing and qualifying broadband performance.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

Please consider this product instead:

The SDA-4040D is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video, data, and traditional analog services.


  • Full, in-service, proof-of-performance analyzer.
  • Fast, sensitive spectrum analyzer.
  • New digital QAM measurement option for forward path carriers.
  • Digital QAM carrier demodulation includes 64, 128, and 256 QAM constellation display with zoom, average digital power level, bit error rate (BER), and 21 to 35 dB modulation error rate (MER).


  • Cable modem analysis using Zero Span mode provides accurate, in-service power and C/N measurements.
  • QAM View option provides complete analysis of digital TV and forward cable modem signals.
  • Find ingress fast with Field View option. Cable technicians working in the field can see the reverse path at the headend.
  • Graphical test point compensation makes it easier to add, edit, and store parameters.

Key Features

  • QAM View includes BER, MER, and constellation.
  • Equalizer stress and microreflections.
  • QAM ingress (noise-under-carrier).
  • PathTrak Field View option.


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