Field Deployment

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Field Deployment
Network equipment manufacturers are increasingly challenged to deliver managed solutions in a highly-competitive, complex, and ever-changing environment.

Managing Complexity

New technologies and network services are continually rolled out and expanded, while manufacturers must not only produce the equipment that provides the service, but they much also prove that once deployed, the services will perform as expected. Manufacturers need to deliver to wireline, cable, and wireless operators and service providers, managed solutions that assure reliability, availability and quality of network services to help the service consumer or enterprise succeed in the market.

A Simple Solution

VIAVI solutions help to ensure standards-based industry-leading implementations of tests and methodologies that are fine-tuned to increase efficiency and deployment speed without the need for more specialized field service personnel.

With VIAVI, fiber characterization and connectivity, as well as service-level verification, can be done from one instrument – greatly simplifying the field technician’s work. Once done, the test report(s) can be automatically uploaded into a cloud solution for storage or later reference, in addition to scrutiny by smaller, centralized expert teams. These reports can be used to verify that work was done in accordance to contract. The centralized solution can also be used to optimize the asset management of the tools in the hands of the field workforce.