MNO Assurance and Analytics

VIAVI provides network operators with cutting-edge proactive management solutions aimed to closely monitor subscribers’ quality of service and experience.

MNO Assurance and Analytics

With advanced analytical tools based on the latest cutting-edge technologies, operators can leverage and potentially monetize the sheer amount of data within their networks.

NITRO Mobility incorporates Expandium’s technologies aimed at answering the needs for Customer Experience Management, Service Quality Management, and Business Intelligence. NITRO Mobility uses Big Data technologies that embeds advanced techniques such as machine learning, stream processing, pattern detection and automation. The open platform, conceived from the ground-up to work on virtualized architectures, is vendor-independent and can connect to heterogeneous data sources, correlate and detect correlation to offer insights and analytics for numerous use cases from network monitoring to fraud detection, through troubleshooting and much more. 

VIAVI provides cutting-edge 5G solutions that brings new revenue streams out of your network. With our 5G assurance product portfolio, we bring visibility on your subscribers and network.

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