Non-Terrestrial Networks

Reliability, Stability and Performance

Non-Terrestrial Networks
Experience seamless connectivity with comprehensive solutions that accurately assess NTN reliability, stability, and performance

Non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) hold the promise of improved coverage and connectivity, essential for IoT and autonomous driving, extending their potential beyond supporting disaster-stricken areas or rural farming. But, execution is key. Launching into space remains costly and risky, demanding meticulous evaluation for mission success.

With VIAVI, get complete end-to-end solutions for your entire system:

  • Test network component integration
  • Assess individual component performance
  • Evaluate application performance in controlled conditions
  • Test Service & Feeder Link for high-load capacity and UE mobility scenarios
  • Conduct tests across various orbits: GEO, MEO, LEO, and HAPS
  • Generate AI RAN Scenarios for AI-driven Radio Access Networks in NTN
  • Emulate the 5G Core with full-scale RAN scenarios
  • Ensure compliance with 3GPP standards from Rel-8 to Rel-17, Rel-18, and beyond
  • Deploy solutions beyond the lab: resilient PNT for critical infrastructure, optical filters, and mission-critical monitoring for NTN
  • Utilize Test-as-a-Service (TaaS) for complex NTN environments, provided by VIAVI experts

Use Cases

Integrated Lab Solutions  

The comprehensive VIAVI suite overcomes the technical challenges of 5G NTN, providing assurance that new NTN constellations perform reliably while conforming to 3GPP Release 18 and beyond. You can evaluate with a Digital Twin, test with real devices (gNB or UE), and confidently deploy with OTA test (in orbit).

TM500 Network Tester

  • System Engineering Excellence: industry-standard solution for base station testing, widely adopted by global NEMs​
  • Standard Compliant: It fully supports the 3GPP protocol, including Doppler and delay pre-compensation​
  • Effortless Test Setup: straightforward and efficient test set-up​
  • Exceptional Mobility Functionalities: industry-leading real voice, data, realistic mobility models and 4G/5G core emulation​

In combination with TeraVM Core Emulator the TM500 can also be used for in-orbit testing. ​A VSAT front-end is required to ensure the link budget is met.

TM500 Capabilities

TM500 Capabilities

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NTN Digital Twin. The Best of Both Worlds.

Rohde & Schwarz and VIAVI have developed an NTN digital twin testbed covering Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO) to:

  • Validate end-to-end connectivity and performance 
  • Measure Quality of Service over large coverage areas with different types of UEs
  • Measure end user application performance while coping with distance, speed and mobility of both satellite and UE
  • Assess reliability and stability

Satellite Operator PoC Test Bed

Satellite Operator PoC Test Bed

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The testbed includes:

  • The Rohde & Schwarz CMX500 mobile communication network tester, with channel emulation and fading in a single box, including all 3GPP fading profiles
  • The VIAVI TM500-AS2, a streamlined version of the flagship used by global network equipment manufacturers for base station testing, fully supporting the 3GPP protocol including Doppler and delay pre-compensation​
  • The VIAVI TeraVM Real Data Applications (RDA) engine, enabling rich and realistic application and traffic scenarios to test system performance under varying conditions

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