V-Series LIM (J6820B) (Discontinued)

The VIAVI V-Series LIM (J6820B) uses external monitor/simulate cables (J6757A) allowing connection to the appropriate interface type.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

The VIAVI V-Series LIM (J6820B) helps network professionals isolate and resolve network problems quickly.  It can be used with the Network Analyzer - Wireline Protocol Test (J6840), Protocol Analysis Probe - DNA (J6801B), and the Protocol Analysis Probe - DNA MX (J6802B) platforms.

Note: Generation at the first software release is limited to through-mode repeater functionality. Other generation functionality will be available in a subsequent software release.

Key Features:

  • Hot-swappable - the LIM can be removed safely while an application is running and another LIM inserted in its place; the current application terminates and the user can launch another suitable application for the new LIM without having to power down and restart the analyzer
  • Can be configured through the use of external J6757A Monitor/Simulate Cable options to interface to a wide variety of V-Series Interfaces at data rates up to 10 Mb/s via a DB-37 connector
  • Has two receivers to provide bi-directional monitoring capability
  • Analysis at all layers of Frame Relay, HDLC/SDLC and PPP traffic
  • Real-time line status and statistics
  • Cable coding provides indication of interface type on-screen and for data logging purposes
  • Electrical pulse amplitude measurements on each receiver

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