PSD90-3 Fuel Quantity Test Set

Universal AC/DC Fuel Quantity Test Set

PSD90-3 Universal AC/DC Fuel Quantity Test Set PSD90-3 Universal AC/DC Fuel Quantity Test Set

The PSD90-3 will test any AC or DC capacitive fuel, water, liquid oxygen (LOX), or engine oil system.

When combined with an aircraft specific interface, the PSD90-3 allows the user to test, troubleshoot and isolate fuel system issues, calibrate fuel quantity indicators, and detect contaminated fuel probes.

Developed for use in all environments the PSD90-3 is ideal for flight line testing on battery power or bench testing on external power.

Contaminated Probe Testing

The PSD90-3 provides users with two methods; Auto and Manual, for detecting and isolating contaminated fuel probes caused by particulates, water, microbial growth, or other sources of contamination.

During normal capacitance measurements, the contaminated fuel probe detection function will automatically alert the user via a Degree of Error indication on the display and with a Contaminated Fuel Probe Detected LED on the front panel.

PSD90-3 Fuel Quantity Test Set

Once there is an indication of possible probe contamination, the user can manually test using the Check Probe function with a user-selectable Percent of Error limit which will illuminate the Contaminated Fuel Probe LED indicator if exceeded.

Aircraft Specific Interface

Each aircraft platform requires a unique interface to access the FQIS. The complexity of the fuel system determines the capability of the interface to allow for complete testing of the fuel quantity system. Contact VIAVI for the proper interface for your aircraft.

PSD90-3 Fuel Quantity Test Set


  • Safe and precise measurement and simulation
  • Contaminated Probe Detection
  • Low Voltage / Low Current Mode - Isolates corroded connections.
  • Distance-to-Fault Measurement
  • Self-test on power up
  • Closed box calibration

  • Measurement of capacitance, DC voltage, insulation resistance, and Distance to Fault (DTF) 
  • Simulation of capacitance for indicator testing 
  • Automatic contaminated fuel probe detection while performing normal capacitance tests 
  • Manual troubleshooting of contaminated fuel probes using the CHECK PROBE function 
  • Low Voltage/Low Current Mode allows isolation of intermittent or corroded connections 
  • Megger and capacitance manual ranging modes assist in finding intermittent faults 
  • REV DC (DC+) Mode measures capacitance from the DC+ side of the tank unit for complete testing DC capacitive fuel systems 
  • Compatible with existing aircraft fuel quantity system interfaces 
  • Closed box calibration using front panel controls 
  • Self-test on power-up 
  • Rechargeable battery or externally powered 
  • Intrinsically safe design 
  • Optional OEM DC option emulates PSD30-2AF OEM DC operation and DC capacitive measurement values.

  • PSD90-3 Software Options*

    • AC Software Option
    • DC Software Option
    • OEM DC Software Option

    * Software options must be installed at our factory or by an authorized VIAVI service center.

  • PSD90-3 Test Set Versions

    • PSD90-3 AC/DC Fuel Quantity Test Set
    • PSD90-3AC Fuel Quantity Test Set
    • PSD90-3DC Fuel Quantity Test Set
    • PSD90-3-F16 Fuel Quantity Test Set

  • PSD90-3 Standard Accessories

    • Universal Charger 
    • Operations Manual 
    • F-16 Interface Adapter Cable (F-16 Test Set 22165794 only)
    • Connector BNCF Rev. Polarity
    • Connector BNCM Rev. Polarity (qty 2)
    • Ground Cable
  • PSD90-3 Optional Accessories

    • PTS-3 Calibration Standard
    • PSD30-2AF Interface Adapter
    • Maintenance Manual

  • Avionics Maintenance and Repair Care Plans

    VIAVI offers warranty and Avionics Maintenance and Repair Care Plans that include hardware and labor costs for repair, and annual certified calibrations performed at the factory during the duration of the service contract.

    Avionics Maintenance and Repair Care Plan

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