VIAVI NoiseTrak-Ready Certification Program

Future-Proof Network Upgrades With NoiseTrak-Ready Gear

Upstream ingress has long been the #1 problem for cable operators, both from a cost and customer satisfaction standpoint.  Technicians have traditionally used “divide and conquer” techniques to find ingress sources but driving between actives takes far too long, leaving subscribers service impacted for hours or days.  

With NoiseTrak, technicians can remotely divide and conquer the plant by replacing drives between actives with clicks on a tablet.  This is done by leveraging ingress control switches available from many leading node and amplifier vendors.  When remotely activated, these switches attenuate an individual leg by 6dB, much like using an i-Stop probe on a tap.

Through the NoiseTrak-Ready Certification Program, VIAVI has worked with leading active vendors to enable display and control of these switches in XPERTrak, technicians existing go-to tool for ingress.  You can rest assured that if your deployment plans include properly-equipped certified nodes or amps, their operation through XPERTrak will be a seamless experience for your technicians.

Whether you are deploying new nodes for DAA, replacing amplifiers as part of a high-split conversion, or simply upgrading existing actives be sure to select NoiseTrak-Ready gear to future-proof your network upgrades.

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