MAP Optical Switch Solutions (mOSW/mISW)

Optical Switch Solutions built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of VIAVI optical switch technology.

Manufacturing test automation is critical to reducing product costs and optical switches are at the heart of any automated test system. The VIAVI mOSW-C1 Optical Switch Module and mISW Optical Switch Tray are built on the industry-leading, fourth-generation instrumentation class of VIAVI optical switch technology. With more than 30 years of leadership in optical switching across network, monitoring, and manufacturing applications, the mOSW-C1/mISW-C1 represents a new milestone for performance and reliability with the industry’s smallest footprint.

For the first time, the performance and repeatability found in large, fixed format 19-inch VIAVI rack-mount systems are available in a modular plug-in or tray. Manufacturing engineers no longer have to choose between test system’s size and its performance. Leveraging the mOSW-C1/mISW-C1 can reduce the size of switching systems by as much as 75% while still delivering the performance of much larger legacy systems. A 50% increase in switching speeds significantly saves testing time for connection-intensive architectures.

These switches are components of the MAP-200 family. With the widest range of optical modules in the industry, it is the most popular choice for manufacturing test automation across all optical industry segments. This includes the manufacture of passive components, transponders, and line cards. Advanced connectivity through remote VNC, Ethernet, GPIB, or local GUI makes the MAP-200 a natural choice for complex automation architectures because it dramatically simplifies debugging for remotely located manufacturing sites.


  • Provides all optical switching, independently from data rate and transmission format
  • Delivers minimal impact on dynamic measurement range regardless of switch size with low loss for all configurations from 1x2 to 1x176
  • Flexible SCPI remote interface lets users program the switch using either MAP-200 style commands or maintain backward compatibility to the industry-standard VIAVI SB/SC series optical switches
  • Guarantees ultra-low 0.04 dB PDL and ±0.005 dB repeatability to minimize measurement uncertainties on single-input versions
  • New PTRIM option simplifies troubleshooting and measures in-line power up to 20 dB for coarse programmable loss on a connected port
  • 1C, 2D (duplex), and 2E input configurations enable cost-saving architectures that reduce the number of switches required
  • Expanded beam technology ensures multimode switches are “modally transparent” and do not disturb mode distributions, greatly simplifying transmission testing or testing with IEC complaint mode launches


  • Test system automation for multi-port components, modules, and line cards
  • Manage complex test sequencing in manufacturing
  • Paired with the MAP-200 mORL-A1 module to test multi-fiber connectors
  • Test for long-term reliability

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