100G and Beyond

Next generation networks are not just about bigger pipes. The market demands intelligence and flexibility in addition to scalable capacity. How can your organization stay up to speed? 

Telecom service providers, NEMs, data centers, and large enterprises worldwide are facing huge demand for more capacity and new services, driven largely by the massive consumption of video, mobile broadband, and cloud services. However, with that flood of traffic comes a corresponding responsibility to manage it all efficiently and securely. After all, more is riding on the network now than ever.

Fortunately, there are new network technologies hitting the market (and still in the lab) that will alleviate the pressure. But with a legacy installed base to manage, how do you stay up to speed?

VIAVI makes it easy for your organization to keep pace—or get ahead—of the competition. With our network test and monitoring tools, VIAVI eases the pain of integrating modern technologies like 100G and 400G into your network. And with automated test scripts, we can make any technician an expert.  Ensure the reliability of your network ecosystem—no matter what the technology—with comprehensive deployment and maintenance testing tools from VIAVI.

Visual guide to high-speed pluggable. optics for client interfaces

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