VIAVI Business Values

"If we don't catch and ride these waves, we will stumble. These are the values that will sustain our winning momentum. We want to embody these values and become good at them to create a winning company."
– Oleg Khaykin, CEO

The six VIAVI business values below articulate the cultural identity for VIAVI and provide shared understanding of expectations across the company. These values were identified through global workshops to understand the foundational components of working at VIAVI, as well as the guiding principles that will help us to achieve our objectives globally. These values clarify the desired operating environment of the employees and management. The  values reinforce the importance of how we approach working  together in service of our stakeholders and creating a winning company strategy.

Exhibit Business Acumen

Use domain knowledge to make good business decisions and understand the impact they have on the overall business.

Manage Complexity & Ambiguity

Make sense of complex, often ambiguous business situations to define effective business strategy.

Take Informed Risks

Identify high potential opportunities and take informed risks (i.e., decisions with well-defined upsides and manageable downsides) to capture opportunities.

Cultivate Innovation

Create new and better ways for the organization to be successful through aggressive engineering and business environment.

Drive Vision & Purpose

Define a compelling vision and strategy that motivates others to action.

Foster a Winning Culture

Create and institutionalize a “great place to work” and “performance” work environment.

VIAVI Human Capital Management & People Strategy

The people strategy defines our talent priorities and the roadmap for the execution of human capital investment in support of our business strategy. Our HR team partners with business teams to help ensure that the right programs and investment are prioritized and aligned in order to accelerate our corporate strategy.

  • Talent Planning
    We’re instituting foundational talent practices including succession planning and talent assessment at the executive level to ensure that we have a good understanding of our leadership bench and begin to assess critical roles for the future. We’re implementing a new approach to talent and performance management by replacing our annual performance review in with check-ins. Our new approach, Everyday Development better aligns with the way we run our business, where teams are being coached and supported throughout the year. Both managers and employees have a role to play to ensure that we are connected on what matters most, and the activities that drive our business forward. Our employees can expect to engage regularly with their manager, and to have their support to accelerate their performance and development.
  • Talent Development

    Our talent development programs promote the VIAVI Business Values through a passion for learning and performance. We are developing relevant and useful learning resources for our employees, managers, and leaders that invite a growth mindset and create an appetite for lifelong learning.

    Remote working has been a major focus this year as people adapted to global change. We’ve provided our employees with access to over 15,000 courses through LinkedIn Learning to help them to be more agile, stay productive and focused while continuing their development on any device.

    Manager development will receive increased focus in the coming year to ensure that we have the right manager skills in support of our new talent practices.  We will focus on developing our managers to provide timely coaching and feedback while creating high-performing teams.  Role-based learning paths are tailored to new and experienced levels of management to ensure learner relevance and enable sustained behavior change.

    Learning and development priorities also include ensuring that we have high standards in terms of compliance training completion.  We manage compliance training through our LMS system including the Code of Business Conduct, and Prevention of Sexual Harassment for Managers and Employees with over 98% completion rates.

    VIAVI R&D Graduate Programs offer recent engineering graduates a diverse mixture of experiences and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally by providing opportunities for these new VIAVI employees to embrace other cultures and provide a true global view and appreciation.  We feel this exposure will enable their future success and help them to become ambassadors for future hires.

Network and Service Enablement  (NSE) Graduate Program

Optical Security and Performance (OSP) Engineering Development Program

Network and Service Enablement  (NSE) Graduate Program

The NSE Graduate Program focuses on R&D projects within our NSE division. This global multi-year rotation program is open to recent graduates completing an undergraduate or graduate degree program in Engineering, Computer Science, or related disciplines. We partner with local universities in multiple countries to attract talented graduates from communities in which we work and enhance the diversity of the program and our company. During the two-year program, graduates rotate to different projects and countries, working alongside some of the best engineers in the industry on a variety of R&D projects involving the latest cutting-edge technologies. At the end of the program, graduates will return to their home location having gained exposure to multiple projects, teams, and cultures and built a network of peers who are also starting their careers at VIAVI.

Optical Security and Performance (OSP) Engineering Development Program

The OSP Engineering Development Program (EDP) is a two-year program for highly qualified engineering graduates. This program develops new graduates’ technical and leadership skills through a series of rotations in functional and manufacturing areas in our Santa Rosa, California facility. The site manufactures products for applications in anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, government, healthcare and automotive markets. Graduates work closely with our expert engineering talent and rotate within the facility to learn important skills in optical metrology, materials characterization, optical coating design, roll-to-roll vacuum coating, sputter deposition, quality systems, and Process Engineering. The rotations, supplemented by short courses in key technology areas, are designed to provide new graduates with the skill set and the path required to qualify for a potential role in Optical Thin Film Coating Process Engineering in one of our Santa Rosa Operations Engineering groups.

Diversity and Inclusion

VIAVI is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.


Pay Equity

VIAVI is committed to complying with federal laws on pay equity, including the long-established Equal Pay Act, which requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment.


VIAVI Community Investment

 Many of our employees contribute their time, money, and energy to make an impact in the communities where they live and work. Many employees across over 50 global sites regularly participate in sports challenges, advocate for others, create awareness, and raise money to make their communities better.

Caring for Each Other

Caring for Our Communities

Caring for Each Other

In 2017, when wildfires ravaged our local area in Santa Rosa, California, employees established and funded a VIAVI Disaster Relief Fund to support colleagues who lost their homes in the fires. Affected employees received assistance with food, shelter and other forms of support to help them recover and bridge the time before rebuilding could begin. Employees and partners rose to the challenge to raise over $300,000 in contributions and matching funds. Set up in partnership with Silicon Valley Community Foundation, this relief fund was created to address the crisis and ensure a sustainable source of support the recovery of our employees for any future disasters.

Recent events have brought the topics of racism and equal treatment of individuals into the foreground. In a company-wide meeting, our CEO stated, “Treating one another with dignity and respect is foundational to creating the culture we seek. We demonstrate this through how we treat each other at work and through our involvement in our communities.”   In that same meeting, we announced a Grassroots campaign and a new fund to be created in support of charities that promote diversity and inclusion. We provided a call to action to our employees to nominate deserving organizations, and share ideas on how we can do more within VIAVI to ensure every employee and prospective employee has equal opportunity for success. The grassroots effort will be foundational to our efforts to build and refine our approach to diversity and inclusion as a company.

Caring for Our Communities

Our employee-led volunteer efforts focus on promoting Education, Health and Wellness, and the Environment.


  • Our Santa Rosa team actively partner with United way to tutor kids, organize backpacks and homework boxes through Schools of Hope.
  • The Shenzhen team organized book donations for local schools.
  • The Singapore team worked with kids at AWWA with special needs on art projects.
  • Edinburgh employees helped to prepare students to enter the workplace through Young Enterprise.

Health and Wellness

  • Food poverty was a shared initiative in Europe with employees across UK, Germany, and France.
  • Blood drives were held in France, Edinburgh and Wichita.
  • Our Edinburgh employees biked for cancer.
  • Our Santa Rosa teams ran in the Human Race and collected eyeglasses for Eyes of Hope.
  • APAC employees held sports days and supported the Race Against Cancer.


  • Santa Rosa supported Bike to Work Day to reduce carbon emissions.
  • The Singapore team led a sustainability initiative to reduce their use of plastic in the office by replacing plastic cutlery with personal reusable cutlery.

VIAVI is proudly represented by a group of talented, diverse, and often spirited people, bringing their best to you – our customers, partners, and communities every day.

Jan 2020 - Stevenage UK Bring Your Child to Work Day

Dec 2019 - Wichita, KS, Salvation Army Angel Tree Program

Dec 2019 - Indianapolis, IN - Salvation Army Holiday Toy Drive

Nov 2019 - Colorado Springs, CO - Meal Preparation

Nov 2019 - Germantown, MD - Thanksgiving Baskets

Sep 2019 - Santa Rosa, CA, United Way Tutoring Program

Sep 2019 - Stevenage, UK - Young Enterprise Volunteer Program

May 2019 - Shenzhen, China - Book and Clothing Drive

Jun 2019 - Edinburgh, St. Etienne - Food Poverty Challenge

May 2019 - Shenzhen, China - Family Day

March 2019 - Newbury, UK, Local Charity Fun Run

To learn more about our unique team of people, and some of the amazing work we are doing in our local communities around the globe, visit Together with VIAVI

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