Secure and Reliable Communications

Solutions for network installation, maintenance, security, and performance.

In a world ruled by data, we are constantly at risk of potentially exposing information to a wide range of network threats such as hackers and corporate/foreign espionage. 

Defense departments, Governments, and Service Providers must increasingly mitigate threats of data hijacking on public, private, and secure networks, as well as ensure Uptime and Quality Service Level Agreements.

Whether you need a installation and maintenance solution, a means of testing and evaluating network performance, or data protection solution – VIAVI has the product that suits your needs.

Network management goes beyond ensuring new and upgraded PON fiber builds are installed properly, it also involves continuous monitoring to maintain critical performance and protect against intrusions to ensure fiber uptime. 

The VIAVI Optical Network Management System (ONMSi) is an integrated solution that combines the optical monitoring capabilities and performance of an optical time domain reflectometer with a multi-port optical switch and various levels of control software to secure networks to quickly identify faults during installation process and monitor for network degradation to maintain critical performance, as well as protect fiber uptime QoS & Security for Off-base, trunks & Date Centers. 

When you need information to get from one command post to another over a network or a Satellite link, you need to know that it will get there rapidly and reliably every time.

Fusion remotely tests new service activation, monitors performance, and troubleshoots networks of any size to ensure they are reliable and operating at optimal performance. Fusion is designed to ensure that every packet sent gets to where it is supposed to go.

Quality and reliability of service is crucial for the successful deployment of 5G non-terrestrial networks. There is no option to repair a satellite after it is in orbit, therefore it is crucial to validate operational parameters before deployment to ensure the success of mission critical 5G NTN equipment. 
The VIAVI TM500 and TeraVM for NTN can ensure the successful deployment of 5G Satellite networks by validating equipment in the lab prior to deployment. TM500 and TeraVM for NTN perform tests to ensure all components in the network work as specified, that the best quality of service is obtained over large coverage areas, and to ensure that NTNs are reliable to cope with distance, speed, and mobility of both satellite and the user equipment (UE) while still delivering on performance. They also support multi-layer communication tests verify satellite to satellite, satellite to ground, and satellite to airborne platform/aircraft communication and dynamic network topology changes lead to security policy changes for network security.

Comprehensive network performance monitoring requires a solution that maintains visibility in all hybrid IT/cloud hosting environments, as well as streamlines network analysis, capacity planning, and cybersecurity investigations by providing all IT stakeholders and business leaders with comprehensive network visibility.

The VIAVI Observer Platform is an Enterprise-grade network performance monitoring solution that deals with high-fidelity threat forensics and threat exposure management. The Observer Platform is an industry-leading packet capture, analysis, and storage solution that allows users to maintain visibility in all hybrid IT/cloud hosting environments and streamline network analysis, capacity planning, and cybersecurity investigations by providing all IT stakeholders and business leaders with comprehensive network visibility.

A critical aspect of deploying Access and Cellular networks is to ensure the security and reliability of the networks stand up to specification, without impeding end user experience.

The VIAVI TM500 and TeraVM provide solutions for Access and Cellular networks to ensure the security solutions stand up to specification without impeding end user experience, providing the solutions you need to validate the security and reliability posture of mobile communications networks before operationalizing.

Quantum cryptography is a method of secure communication that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to ensure that messages cannot be intercepted or tampered with without detection. Because of the properties of quantum mechanics, any attempt to intercept the photons will necessarily disturb the state of the system, and the receiver will be able to detect the presence of an eavesdropper.

VIAVI provides an extensive range of modules for the MAP-300 which can be combined to create network testbeds in a lab environment. These products have specifications such as the low-loss optics that are needed to maintain the quality of the QKD signal, and an ultra-performance, -100dBm power meter which was designed to detect QKD’s very low power levels.

  • MAP-300 Platform

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